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Visual Management: The Language My Cook Understands…

visula management

We faced recurring problem with the quality of food prepared by our cook. Further, absenteeism compounded the problem and all we did for both these problems was crib crib…

We couldn’t even offer her feedback since most days the cook would leave before we reached home. We did try to share our feedback whenever we met her but realized that verbal feedback was not effective. The bigger challenge was that we did not speak the same language. Changing the cook was not a good option since a replacement is hard to find. Besides there was no guarantee that the next cook would be better 🙂
We had a tough time finding ways on how to inoculate our feedback on her cooking and absenteeism till we came across this IDEA (The image is self explanatory).

It worked…The quality of food improved over time. Absenteeism reduced and now she informs in advance before taking leave. Simple steps of Visual management worked and now All is Well!!!!!!

What is Visual Management?
The visual management philosophy is underpinned by the view that ‘what gets measured & displayed gets done’. It makes it easy to understand the processes which have been put into place. Performance and progress are readily apparent.

Benefits of Visual Management:

· Leads to information sharing
· Supports elimination of waste
· Fosters continuous improvement.
· Exposes abnormalities.
· Promotes prevention.
· Enables quick response & recovery.


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