‘Dump your e-waste with us, save the environment’


Due to the absence of offices for legitimate transfer of electronic waste, two neighborhood reusing organizations have held hands to make a stage where Brunei inhabitants can dump their e-squander.


Focusing on the perils of inappropriate transfer of e-squander, Green Depot — Belait area’s most up to date reusing focus — and Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd need raise more mindfulness and fare nearby e-waste to Japan.

As indicated by the general supervisor of the Green Depot, who is likewise a Legislative Council part, YB Khairunnisa Hj Ash’ari, despite the fact that the general attention to reusing among Bruneians is solid, e-squander is still new and very few know about it.

E-squander alludes to any disposed of electrical or electronic gadgets, which regularly contain substances that are unsafe to nature subsequently should be discarded accurately.

LegCo part YB Khairunnisa (L) clarifying Green Depot’s account procedure and online interface to Deputy Managing Director of BSP Yap Kong Fah (C). Photograph: Wardi Wasil/The Scoop

“The best approach to oversee e-squander is explicit [due to the perilous synthetic concoctions they contain], anyway a great many people simply knot e-squander with their standard waste [and] at times, individuals have attempted to arrange their e-squander through consuming,” she said.

As indicated by 2015 investigation done by the United Nations University, Brunei produces 18kg of e-squander per individual every year, involving one percent of Brunei’s aggregate waste.


The figure, in any case, is relied upon to increment as most occupants of the sultanate possess in excess of one electronic gadget and with the steady innovative headway, these gadgets will be supplanted snappier.

The Green Depot essentially handles recyclable materials including paper, plastic jugs, aluminum tins and metal yet the inside additionally acknowledges e-waste, for example, PC parts, TVs and microwaves with an end goal to diminish the measure of e-squander setting off to the country’s landfill.

The recyclable materials will at that point be gauged and recorded on an online framework. This will enable clients to monitor the measure of waste they have reused and additionally the amassed cash they have earned from reusing.

YB Khairunnisa said that squander gave at the Green Depot will be bought by Daikyo, and clients might be repaid for the recyclable materials they have given. She included that no settled cost has been set for reusing e-squander in the sultanate.

Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd is one of the main organizations in Brunei approved in the gathering and fare of dangerous materials, including scrap metal and electronic waste.

An agent from Daikyo, James Hung, said that with regards to overseeing e-squander, a permit is required because of the unsafe synthetic substances contained in gadgets, for example, lead, mercury and arsenic.

Yap Kong Fah, delegate overseeing chief of BSP, administering the dispatch of the Green Depot by keeping the office’s first recyclables. Photograph: Wardi Wasil/The Scoop

“At the point when e-squander is simply dumped in a landfill where it gets presented to the components, they can disintegrate causing corrosive or synthetic spillage which will result in soil and water tainting,” he said.

He included that the organization has been gathering e-squander in the sultanate for a long time, be that as it may, conceded that their fare of e-squander “has not been developing” because of people in’s general absence of mindfulness.

“Individuals by and large think when their gadgets are never again working, they acquire them to the landfill Sungai Paku or Sungai Akar, which is a mindset that we need to change as it is risky to nature”.

Over the most recent five years, Daikyo has sent out in excess of 15 tons of e-waste to Japan. James noticed that the benefit earned from it was only “somewhat above breakeven” as costs of utilized hardware seem to be “flimsy”, with no maximum price tag built up.

In any case, Daikyo is excited about expanding mindfulness on e-squander. The joint effort with Green Depot is a piece of that exertion, by to boosting clients to give e-squander.

It plans to change the neighborhood mentality, to not be “financially determined” with regards to the endeavors of saving the earth, particularly the demonstration of reusing e-squander.

“There are plans [in the pipeline]… and we need to connect more partners, as other IT organizations and government services, to collaborate with us as they utilize an incredible number of hardware.”

Amid LegCo this year, Minister of Development YB Dato Seri Paduka Hj Suhaimi Hj Gafar said that the administration is investigating choices for a committed site for the capacity and procedure of e-squander.

As indicated by the Global E-squander Monitor 2017, worldwide e-squander age was around 44.7 million metric tons. Constantly 2021, the measure of e-squander is required to develop to 52.2 metric tons, with a yearly development rate of three to four percent.

The Green Depot is open each day of the week from 2 pm to 4 pm and is situated at No 1, Spg 24-29, Jln Panglima in Kuala Belait.

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