Kerala Police grant four transwomen permission to visit Sabarimala temple


The region has been tense on account of challenges against the Supreme Court’s organization enabling ladies of any age section to the sanctuary.

Kerala Police give four transwomen authorization to visit Sabarimala sanctuary

The Kerala Police on Monday allowed four transwomen, who had claimed that the state’s power staff had prevented them from continuing to the Ayyappa sanctuary in Sabarimala, authorization to enter the place of worship. On December 15, the four transwomen had guaranteed that the Kerala police faculty had verbally mishandled them in Erumeli, one of the passage focuses to the place of worship.

The state has been tense on account of dissents against the Supreme Court’s organization enabling ladies of any age section to the sanctuary. Before the decision, ladies between the ages of 10 and 50 were denied from entering the sanctuary. The sanctuary opened on November 16 for the third time since the Supreme Court on September 28 enabled ladies of any age to enter the sanctum. Yet, up until this point, no lady between the ages of 10 and 50 has possessed the capacity to enter the sanctuary because of enormous dissents.

Transwomen Avantika Vishnu, Renjumol Mohan, Trupti Shetty and Ananya Kumari started their voyage from Ernakulam via vehicle at an opportune time December 15. They said they had asked for Pathanamthitta area authority on December 12 to give police insurance to visit Sabarimala. They guaranteed that the sanctuary cleric and the executives had no complaints to their entrance.

Ananya Kumari said they plan on finishing their journey wearing saris. The transwomen had before asserted that the police had requested that they evacuate their sarees and take on the appearance of men.

Executive General of Police A Hemachandran, an individual from the Kerala High Court-selected supervisory board, said the four may go to the altar at a fitting time. “There is no protest [to the transwomen visiting the shrine], just security concerns,” Hemachandran said.

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