River Ganga clean in only 1 of 41 monitored locations, says Central Pollution Control Board


Haridwar was the main zone out of 41 observed areas where stream Ganga’s water quality was “perfect”, an examination by the Central Pollution Control Board has found. The “Natural Water Quality Assessment of the River Ganga” report was made open by the expert inconsistency with a Supreme Court arrange as of late,

The Haridwar Barrage area was observed to be the cleanest amid the pre-storm and post-rainstorm periods.

The report said 37 of the 41 areas through which the stream streams were observed to be in the “moderate to serious contamination” classification in the pre-rainstorm period in 2018. The examination found the water at the Haridwar Barrage “the main area at whole stretch of River Ganga that agrees to drink water norms”.

The examination said two noteworthy tributaries of the waterway – Pandu and Varuna – in Uttar Pradesh are expanding the contamination dimensions of the stream as they were observed to be “extremely dirtied” before the conversion point. “On the standard of waterway Ganga, albeit none of the areas were observed to be extremely contaminated, most are in moderate contamination go,” the report said. “Along these lines, endeavors must be made to control the contamination so all areas may agree to at any rate ‘B’ class [slightly polluted] water quality.”

The board’s “Examination of Biological Water Quality of River Ganga” think about demonstrated that the Ramganga and Garra stream water were vigorously dirtied in the post-rainstorm period in 2017-2018.

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