Once Chased by a Grizzly Bear, Pune Girl Becomes Fastest Asian to Cycle Around the Globe!


19-year-old Vedangi Kulkarni needed to make 2018 an exceptional year. She needed to cover separation of 29,000 kilometers inside 130 days.


After a year, this 20-year-old Pune occupant has accomplished an astounding accomplishment by turning into the quickest Asian to cycle the globe. A separation of 29,000 kilometers was finished by her in 159 days. She accelerated for just about 300 kilometers every day and secured 14 nations through this adventure.

An understudy at Bournemouth University in the UK, Vedangi is seeking after a degree in games the executives. Her planning for this ride started very nearly two years prior.

Through this ride, she was presented to different common and man-made encounters. She shares that she was once pursued by a mountain bear in Canada and even victimized at gunpoint in Spain.

She was resolved to achieve the end and this is the thing that propped her up. She likewise experienced temperatures running from – 20 to 37 Degree Celsius amid her ride.


She began at Perth, pushing her way through Australia to achieve Brisbane, from where she made a beeline for New Zealand. She at that point took a departure from New Zealand to Canada’s Vancouver and proceeded into Halifax.

Europe enticed straightaway, and she figured out how to cover Iceland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and afterward Russia.

It was from Russia that she traveled to India to cover the last stretch of 4,000 kilometer

Addressing The Times of India, Vedangi stated, “My folks have worked superbly in allowing a 19-year-old (she turned 20 on the ride) all the required mental help and consolation to investigate the world, remaining steadfast when the going got extreme, continually being on the opposite end of the telephone and at not giving interest a chance to cease to exist because of sick encounters despite the fact that the parental impulse revealed to them generally.”

Vedangi is genuinely a guide to a considerable lot of us who make fabulous arrangements yet here and there neglect to oversee them. Hopefully, we as a whole take motivation from this young lady and accomplish our objectives in the coming year.kyuquality

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