These beautiful paintings on Patna’s walls will leave you awestruck.!!


Patna, one of the most seasoned consistently occupied place on the planet, a focal point of culture and once the best city on earth, as depicted by Megasthenes (the Greek minister to India), began losing its magnificence in the most recent couple of decades. On account of the expansion in the populace and free organization, the city was falling into confusion. As per the 2011 enumeration, around 1.68 million individuals dwell in Patna which prompts disorderly traffic, the low-quality way of life and impossible rubbish.


Around 900 metric huge amounts of waste is created in the city day by day. Patna additionally stands high with regards to clean. It was positioned 262 in tidiness in India (According to Swachh Survekshan 2017 Rankings).

The above measurements are a portion of the reasons that Patna needs to give tidiness a need. Understanding the equivalent, Patna Municipal Corporation began various activities to annihilate the malevolence of filthiness and give the general population of Patna the most ideal living knowledge.

Way to Door refuses to gather, squander the board plant to deliver vitality from the waste, re-shading of street dividers, pathways, golambers, and so on are some of them. Signifying the rundown, painting of various area of Patna with Mithila and other fine arts is an incredible activity to revive our city and transform it into a wonderful place.

Truly, you heard it right in excess of 30 areas around the verifiable city of Patna is getting a makeover by cleaning, patching up and painting the distinctive regions. The activity has been taken by Patna Municipal Corporation to transform the city into a perfect and excellent place. The undertaking has been going on since most recent three months and is assessed to be finished soon. In excess of ten groups of more than 500 individuals have been given the duty to finish the errand. A portion of these painters are experts like craftsmen who are welcomed from Madhubani though an expansive number of these specialists are understudies, considering in Patna Art College.

“The undertaking is expected to annihilate the propensity for individuals who urinate all over and change their mindset to keep our city spotless and solid” – Vishal Mishra, craftsman.

The works of art delineate numerous religious and recorded occasions identified with Bihar like the wedding of Hindu Lord Ram and Sita, the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh who was conceived in Patna and some more. Aside from that, these divider depictions likewise convey the message of neatness in pictorial structures. These compositions energize the nationals of the city to embrace a clean and non-contaminating method for a living and to keep their environment clean.

The activity of painting the city with Mithila and other fine arts has a decent reaction from the general population of Patna. It has turned into a selfie spot. You can discover individuals taking selfies with the divider and transferring it into the distinctive online life stages with satisfaction and bliss. Preferable late over never, we should value the incredible activity of Patna Municipal Corporation and expectation that our city will before long be changed into a sort of heaven.

While the organization has given us these delightful dividers around the city, the duty of keeping these dividers along these lines lies upon us, the overall population of Patna. We should be increasingly earnest towards neatness and must relinquish the propensity for littering all over and spitting container or gutkha on the dividers. Open pee keeps on being a danger in the city. While the city organization needs to expand the quantity of open toilets to battle this threat, the general population also should change and utilize the accessible offices. We trust that the excellence and neatness of this city will keep going forever with the joint endeavors of the organization and the general population


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