Bihar’s delicious cuisine Silao Khaja gets GI tag


On the off chance that you’re at any rate associated with Bihar, you probably found out about “Silao Ka Khaja”. Khaja is a multilayered, fresh sweet and an ordinary Bihari dessert. Of the considerable number of spots you could get Khaja from, Silao-a town in Nalanda area of Bihar-is totally unmistakable. On this December eleventh, the Geographical Indications Registry has conceded Geographical Indication or GI tag to Silao Khaja.


The GI tag is conceded on the suggestion of the Chennai based Intellectual Property Appellate Board. It takes a gander at the cases made by various areas and their strengths. The GI tag distinguishes an item as starting from a specific area and passes on confirmation of value and peculiarity to the reality of its root. The application was documented by “Silao Khaja Audyogik Swavlambi Sahkari Samiti Limited”. This board of trustees has around 68 individuals, and the majority of them are associated with assembling and moving of the Silao Khaja.

GI Deputy Registrar Chinnaraja G Naidu told while conceding this tag,

“We have conceded GI tag to Silao Khaja on December 11. Silao Khaja is famous in Bihar and furthermore among the travelers visiting Buddhist destinations of Rajgir and Nalanda.”

The records put together by the candidate for the GI label makes reference to the discoveries of British paleontologist J D Beglar who visited Silao in 1872-73 as per which Khaja or ‘Sweetmeat’, as he calls it, goes back to the time of King Vikramaditya. Silao Khaja likewise discovers makes reference to in numerous legends and one of them asserts this was sweet which was offered to Gautam Buddha while he was on his adventure from Rajgir to Nalanda.


There are around 60 shops at Silao which are solely associated with moving of this Bihari dessert. A large portion of the shop proprietors is customarily identified with the assembling and moving of Khaja. This Bihari dessert contains around 15 layers of mixture set more than each other. It has Wheat-flour, Sugar, Maida, Ghee, Cardamom, and Aniseeds as its fixings. It is southern style until the point when it turns fresh. The fresh croissants are then absorbed the sugar syrup until the point that they ingest the sugar syrup.

In typical days, Silao Khaja can be utilized before 12 to 15 days after the date of fabricate. While amid blustery season the heartiness of the sweet decreases to a few days. Khaja is likewise prominent in the neighboring conditions of West Bengal and Odisha just as Andhra Pradesh. As per a compound investigation report put together by Public Health Division of the legislature of Bihar, high pH levels alongside high Chlorine substance of Silao district add to the puffiness and freshness of Khaja.


There are other prominent Bihar started sustenance things like Maner Ka Laddoo and Gaya Ka Tilkut too however they are still to get the GI tag. Madhubani Painting, Sujini Embroidery, Bhagalpuri Silk and as of late included Shahi Litchi from Muzaffarpur have just got the GI tag. This GI tag essentially implies that these Bihari manifestations are unmistakably situated on the world guide and adding brownie focuses to the Bihari pride.

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