Sarita Pandey and her incredible journey to become the first female auto-rickshaw driver of Patna


Dreams are excellent yet what make those delightful dreams the truth are the assurance and diligent work which probably won’t appear as wonderful as envisioning. As Eleanor Roosevelt stated, “the future has a place with the individuals who have faith in the magnificence of their fantasy”. The adventure of Sarita Pandey is a living case of the previously mentioned statement. Since her adolescence, she has this fantasy of accomplishing something else and one of a kind. Be that as it may, she didn’t know what is it going to be? Her dad was in taxpayer driven organization and for quite a while she lived outside Bihar. When she was just 13 years of age, she got hitched however she kept on living with her fatherly family. Following five years of her marriage, she moved to live with her better half in Dhanbad.


In 2008, she and her better half returned to her home state, Bihar as her dad was likewise exchanged back to the state. Her longing to accomplish something other than what’s expected was all the while enduring. Her family possessed an auto, which was for the most part determined by a procured driver and once in a while by her significant other. Around then she was a tuition-based school instructor, where she used to gain ₹3000 every month which, she felt, was not adequate to deal with family’s consumption. It was then when she motivated this plan to get the hang of driving and drive the auto-rickshaw without anyone else’s input. Yet, presently the inquiry was, how? Driving an auto-rickshaw in Patna while being a lady was not going to be a simple profession decision. Be that as it may, she was striking, fearless and decided with her choice. She began learning auto-rickshaw without anyone else’s input. Inspired by her devotion and duty, numerous individuals from auto-rickshaw association approached to encourage her, showed her driving and lauded her for her intense move.

“Numerous a period I feel feeble, however then somebody or different gives me a thankfulness for my work, and that props me up”, Sarita Pandey said.


She got the hang of driving, got her permit and hit the streets of Patna to start her adventure. It was fifteenth August 2013 when she began her life as an auto-rickshaw driver. There couldn’t have been all the more fitting event for her to begin this adventure than the Independence Day of India. This news got spread like a fire. A considerable lot of the papers secured it. What’s more, its delayed consequence was that ladies who needed to leave their home and do the auto-rickshaw driving as their calling presently had an inspiration and a guide to gaze upward too. To give some examples, Gudiya, Kanchan Kumari, Pinki Kumari are a portion of the early ladies who took up auto-rickshaw driving as their calling.

Sarita Pandey turned into an extraordinary case of Women Empowerment. She instructed numerous other ladies drivers to drive auto-rickshaw. As indicated by her, continuously 2016, she had educated around 150 drivers. She additionally got gratefulness and acknowledgment for her push to enable ladies by our Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the then Patna DM Sanjay Kumar., who upheld Sarita Pandey as well as guaranteed her and other individual ladies drivers, bolster from the legislature and credit free automobiles.

Like we state no voyage is finished without hindrances. Indeed, even she has, not one but rather many. Like her dad and her sibling quit conversing with her for no less than multi-month. While huge numbers of male-drivers upheld her for her exertion, there were individuals who were not content with a lady accomplishing something which is constantly considered as a man’s activity. Third and a major obstacle for Sarita Pandey as well as for all the woman auto-drivers were the unfulfillment of guarantees made by the legislature. These ladies were guaranteed to be given credit free cars, street allows, and separate auto represents woman drivers, however, none of this came to the real world. This was the reason that among those 150 drivers who got the hang of driving and got a permit, just 8-10 among them hit the street, rest just returned to their home and hung tight for an auto and a street allow.

“I had prepared 150 ladies, who got their permit. But since of no bank credit and street allow, after this, they are simply sitting in their homes. I fill jettisoned” – Sarita Pandey said.


Beating every one of these obstacles, Sarita Pandey still keeps on driving auto. A mother of two, she says “that I should thank my little girl and my better half who dependably recovered mine. As I return to the house, there is a great  deal of family units works however my little girl is dependably there to share my work. In the beginning, when I was scrutinized by numerous individuals for my work, even my little girl whined that she feels humiliated as individuals state to her that your mom drives auto. In any case, when I demonstrate her the gratefulness and proposal that I got along these lines, presently they also are glad for me.”

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