This 79-YO Unsung Hero Has Been Fighting To Save Uttarakhand’s Trees for 40+ Years!


Forty-six years prior, a standout amongst the most intense star condition fights, the Chipko Movement, touched off a flood of dissents against deforestation the country over.

This mass, peaceful development was begun by villagers to battle against the anonymous movers and shakers of government strategy and substantial industry benefactors, who wished to crush woodlands for the sake of advancement. It was an original time for the individuals who put stock in defending what they put stock in.

Indeed, even every one of these years, one of the main supporters of the development, social dissident Dhoom Singh Negi, reviews an explicit episode that added to the fomentation.


“People have over and over abused nature, and in 1973, close Chamoli locale of Uttarakhand, such an episode unfurled. The backwoods authorities had chosen to sell Angus trees to Allahabad-based assembling organization Simon, which needed to chop them down and make sports and recreation items. The wood of the tree was fundamental for the villagers who utilized it for furrows, as it was solid yet delicate, along these lines did not wound the steers. Villagers never chopped them down or demolished them to fill their needs yet only utilized what nature readily gave. Thus, when they became more acquainted with about it, they based on the tree embracing it in dissent,” says Dhoom while addressing The Better India.

The 79-year-old dissident was as of late met with the ‘Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Constructive Work for 2018 ‘ by Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation (JBF).

The honor perceives valuable work in making country networks in India independent dependent on the belief systems of Mahatma Gandhi.

Also, Dhoom Singh has committed as long as he can remember battling against liquor abuse, distance, deforestation — which were all piece of the Chipko development.

A local of Pipaleth town of the Tehri Garhwal area of Uttarakhand, Dhoom Singh, generally known as ‘guruji’, has discovered motivation from different figures like lobbyist and tree hugger Sunderlal Bahuguna, researcher Tarak Mohan Das, Che Guevara, and so forth.


“Chipko mirrored the intensity of the majority, without utilizing brutality. As it was spreading the whole way across the state and past rapidly, the nature of the development likewise started to differ from place to put. In my general vicinity, which is in Tehri Garhwal, the development extended. It was never again pretty much the loss of business and vocation as a result of the misuse of our woodlands, yet additionally the whole condition. How deforestation affected the earth, over the long haul, was centered around deductively,” says Dhoom Singh.

He includes that researcher Tarak Mohan Das’ examination likewise legitimized that the value of a tree matured at least 50 is higher on the off chance that it keeps on living prosperously.

“In the event that it is chopped down, it will yield just 3% advantage, as restricted a perfectly healthy tree which can be valuable by practically 97%,” he includes.

Dhoom Singh was before a teacher in an administration school, yet with the seething strife surrounding, he couldn’t remain quiet in his protected activity. He quit joining the Sarvodaya development during the ’50s. An insatiable peruser with a fortune of books and journals in his library, Dhoom Singh has additionally composed a book named, ‘Mitee Paani aur Bayar’.

The book, which draws references from the development, portrays an all-encompassing point of view of the battles and issues that keep on influencing Uttarakhand.

The Chipko trademark ‘Kya Hain wilderness ke upkaar (What’s the utility of timberland)/Mitti, paani aur bayaar (soil, water, and breeze)/mitti, paani aur bayaar/Zinda rehne ke aadhaar (the premise of remaining alive)’- is the thing that roused the title of his book.

A man who keeps on battling the Chipko fight, Dhoom Singh feels that the young must join.

“Change has come. Individuals’ point of view about nature and her blessings has changed and by and by they will regard and fortune it. Along these lines, this is the correct time to reestablish the agreeable association between the two.

For that, the young need to take the mantle and proceed with the battle. Regardless of where you will be, you are in every case near nature, and it’s an ideal opportunity to begin recognizing and grasping it with veneration,” finishes up Dhoom Singh.

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