Puducherry to Ban Single-Use Plastic from March 1. 5 Green Alternatives for You!


Subsequent to neighbouring Tamil Nadu started the new year on a maintainable note by bringing a state-wide plastic boycott into impact, Puducherry is standing out as truly newsworthy.

As indicated by an Indian Express report, Chief Minister V Narayanasamy uncovered on January 13 that the state bureau has chosen to boycott the generation, deal and utilization of single-utilize plastic items in the Union Territory from March 1, 2019.

He further included that there would be “an enormous mindfulness drive” among the dealers and the general population on the need of the boycott.


“We need to bless a without plastic Puducherry to the future age and check the plastic in the bigger enthusiasm of the earth,” he said.

And keep in mind that this is surely a positive development for an economic future, finding out about options in contrast to plastic before the boycott will be useful in making the move!

The restriction on non-biodegradable sacks has opened up another market for canvas/cotton, denim and jute packs. Not exclusively are these durable, yet additionally reusable. Lightweight and financially savvy, these are great options in contrast to plastic packs. You can get them on the web or even make them at home!

Organizations like Regeno are making biodegradable or compostable sacks made out of the losses of maize, vegetables and paper. These sacks, when discarded, corrupt in three months, in light of the richness of the dirt, without causing it any harm.

Also, these bio-sacks consume like paper and transform into fiery remains. They can likewise dissolve in high temp water. Know increasingly here.


To go down the manageable highway, one vital advance is to supplant plastic cutlery in your home with steel or glass. For celebrations or events, you can go conventional by utilizing completely biodegradable cutlery like plates made out of wood or dried leaves.

From the conventional banana, Dhaka, peepul and bamboo to even betel nut leaves, a few networks the nation over are receiving locally-accessible techniques to surrender plastic.

A decent option in contrast to significantly utilized plastic containers could be glass jugs, containers and even mud bottles!

With the ongoing plastic boycott in Tamil Nadu, some delicate coconut merchants have discovered creative substitutions to condition undermining plastic straws. These incorporate papaya stalks and straws made out from bamboo and wheat! Different alternatives incorporate steel, paper and copper straws as well.

Vadodara-based organization Trishula moves eatable spoons in eight novel flavours including beetroot, spinach, chocolate, masala, dark pepper, mint, ajwain (carom seeds), and plain.


The spoons are made by mixing diverse flours, Indian regular flavours, and flavours. These are prepared at a high temperature to ingest dampness. The completed items are 100 per cent common with no additional additives or fake flavours. The spoons have a timeframe of realistic usability of a half year from the date of fabricating and range from ₹3 to ₹6, contingent upon amount and flavour.

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