Meet IAS Avny Lavasa & IPS Sargun Shukla: The Ladies Driving Change in Leh!


Since Independence, ladies in India have made considerable progress. While they have broken sexual orientation boundaries crosswise over callings, it is likewise evident that advancement on this front has been steady, best case scenario.

No place is this clearer than the organization and the police. Ladies make up a simple 6.11% of the complete police constraint, while the extent of ladies IAS officers remains at a measly 17%.

Despite the fact that the all-India picture looks a bit horrid, this isn’t the situation in Leh locale. Encompassed on either side by India’s troublesome neighbors—China and Pakistan—this is a basic managerial zone.

Directing the organization of this region are Deputy Commissioner Avny Lavasa (2013 clump) and Senior Superintendent of Police Sargun Shukla (2012 cluster). Posted in the area since September 2017, these ladies are looking to usher change in this still generally in reverse locale.

A great part of the foundation advancement in the locale has been done by the military. In any case, understanding that the reliance of the neighbourhood people on the military isn’t sound, both government employees are attempting to change that by starting a large group of managerial measures.

Issues relating to traffic clog, squander the executives, natural cultivating, handling wrongdoing and a large group of environmental concerns have turned into the core interest. For instance, Lavasa has made some critical strides towards lessening traffic clog in the primary Leh town.

The remarkable ascent of traveller footfall and vehicles, especially in the fundamental Leh town, has turned into a critical situation and general wellbeing concern, and to address them, she declared a restriction on the issuance of crisp grants for contract carriages and new licenses for bicycle rentals in January 2018.

In March 2018, the region organization took the vital and hotly anticipated advance of resuscitating the general population transport framework by utilizing transports along occupied courses in and around the primary Leh town territory.

“There are two perspectives to direction. One is disallowing, i.e., not giving new allows and enrollments, wherein new taxi licenses have been ceased. The second angle is making a solid open transport arrange with the goal that individuals aren’t constrained to depend on private transport. We are presently taking a shot at this perspective,” said the District Administration office.

She likewise proclaimed Saturday as a no-vehicle day for all administration workplaces. Staff in these workplaces have been coordinated to abstain from driving private vehicles, and rather utilize open transport, cycles, or walk. Because of these measures, the quantity of little private vehicles has descended definitely.

“We have gotten positive criticism till now. It was a genuinely necessary administration which we reintroduced,” Lavasa told ANI.

In another critical move, Lavasa issued a request pronouncing a no development zone along the banks of the renowned Pangong Tso Lake, where the Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots was shot. Since the motion picture’s discharge, vacationer footfall had expanded exponentially.

Attempting to abuse this advancement, numerous camps and resorts looked to draw nearer to the lake, bringing about the multiplication of refuse around this once flawless lake.

According to Lavasa’s mandate, the banks of this lake have been pronounced a no development zone, and visit administrators can’t set up camps and resorts inside 150 meters of it.

In spite of Leh recording one of the least wrongdoing rates in the nation, 28-year-old Sargun Shukla stays firm on her post. As somebody who has involvement in managing militancy and public pressure in Jammu and the Valley, Leh offers some level of alleviation.

Notwithstanding, what small amount wrongdoing that is accounted for in the locale, quick activity is the request of the day with cases settled in merely days.

As previous SP Traffic in Srinagar, her notoriety for being a simple cop earned her the moniker ‘Woman Singham.’ With a PhD in Psychology from Patiala University, she earned notoriety of being no picnic for wanton traffic violators in the city. Numerous common residents in Srinagar were left disillusioned when she was exchanged out to Leh.

“I have no personal stake. I don’t need to compromise,” Shukla once disclosed to Jammu Kashmir Newspoint, a day by day paper.

What is her opinion about flourishing in a circle customarily ruled by men?

“I am encompassed by men 99 per cent of the time. However, I need to concede my subordinates have acknowledged me well. Being a decent cop, to be available to come back to work 24 hours, being there for individuals, is the thing that I need to accomplish,” Sargun told the distribution.

She likewise hopes to urge a lot more ladies to join the police. “The administrations have a great deal to profit by ladies coming in. Indeed, even as the activity is viewed as physically requesting and severe, it is fulfilling. I ensure I urge young ladies to think about joining the calling,” she says.

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