Meet Shashank Kumar From Bihar Who Is Turning Agriculture Into A Profitable Business For The Farming Community.


A Ray of Hope for the Farming Community and a Proud Son of Bihar: Shashank Kumar

Horticulture holds an exceptionally extraordinary place in everyone’s heart. We as a whole need our ranchers to have a stately existence. In any case, few are the general population who walk the discussion and work for the advancement of the cultivating network. One such individual is Shashank Kumar.

He moved on from IIT Delhi and was set in a well-paying consultancy firm. In any case, he quit his place of employment and in the relationship with his companion Manish, set up Farms n Farmers, a not-revenue driven association which prompted and helped agriculturists with trimming designs.


From being counsels to giving a one-stop answer for everything identified with horticulture, the business has developed thus has the flourishing of agriculturists. Right now, Shashank is the CEO of Green Agrevolution. He has additionally been incorporated into the “bosses of progress” rundown of NITI Ayog for impacting arrangement make. In this meeting with PatnaBeats, he discusses his endeavour, the obstacles confronted, the achievements accomplished, the purpose of picking Bihar and the street ahead.

Having stopped a well-paying activity, you pick something very surprising for example horticulture. This appears to be hazardous and there is a colossal shot of disappointment. How could you defeat that dread of disappointment?

Shashank Kumar: Honestly, I had a dread. Be that as it may, even before entering the horticulture situation, I had set myself up for the most exceedingly terrible. I knew there would be numerous difficulties. Also, achievement and disappointment are abstract. Today, even following 7 years, I can’t state that I have turned out to be fruitful or that I have bombed, yet I have positively gained ground. We didn’t set any objective for the underlying one and half years since we didn’t need any weight from our side or you can say that we didn’t need any “dread of disappointment” to exist. Every one of our endeavours depended on taking care of the issues of agriculturists.

Before beginning this endeavour of Farms n Famers, you grounded reports and overviews by meeting agriculturists from different zones. How did that work out?

Shashank Kumar: The thought was to comprehend the sort of difficulties that agriculturists confronted. We likewise secured different states to make sense of whether the difficulties looked by farmers in Bihar are like that of those in different states. Ranchers have long discussions. They treat you great. In you, they see an open door which could enable them to escape their wretchedness. Anyway, you don’t get evaluated reactions with respect to expenses or deliver. In any case, the review encouraged us to meet the general population at grassroots as they are the ones who paint the genuine picture.

Like you, Manish was additionally a designing understudy from the rustic foundation. To abandon everything and seek after something like social enterprise in a setup like Bihar, where work, if not govt work is the main paradigm of being considered effective, what amount was the family weight and how could you overseen it?

Shashank Kumar: Manish and I were companions from the season of IIT instructing in Delhi. He enlisted into IIT-Kharagpur. I realized he had a tendency towards country advancement. He was the principal individual to whom I pitched my thought. Furthermore, he was energized. He skipped school positions so he could join this endeavour.

It’s just plain obvious, guardians are normally worried about their kid’s future. Having buckled down and paid your charge for IIT, they clearly need to see you working in MNCs. So when we returned, it was hard for them to accept. At first, I lied. I stated, “I am as yet working for the MNC, however its low maintenance now. What’s more, they would pay me half of my compensation.” I didn’t need it to be a weight at the forefront of their thoughts.


In the long run, the work began representing itself with no issue. Hardly any accounts were distributed in nearby papers. Those individuals in the general public who at first questioned our certification began supporting us. You know the expression “Jitney grain ghode pe sab daav lagate hain”, that occurred for our situation too.

Cash is a standout amongst the most critical elements for a fruitful endeavour. Where did the financing originate from?

Shashank Kumar: I had a few investment funds from my past activity. We put that into the pilot venture. We astutely partook in different Business plan rivalries. Aside from prize cash, it additionally has given stages to contribute our thought. Additionally, the two of us together would spend only 3-4k Rs a month. Our recommendation, soil testing and whatever else separated from the seeds was free. We charged for the predominant quality seeds that we likewise needed to purchase.

A major leap forward speculation originated from NABARD. In spite of the fact that not qualified on different measures, still awed by our work, spread through agriculturists, a territorial chief of NABARD approached us to compose a proposition for a credit. We were given an uncommon give of 9.5 lakh rupees.

You picked Rajma for your pilot venture try, what were the explanations behind that?

Shashank Kumar: Wheat, predominantly developed around there, was not returning great benefits. Its yield cycle is long. Right around 5 months. Individuals were doing only two products in the whole year. Then again, Rajma just had a product cycle of 110 days giving the agriculturist a choice of completing 3 trims in a season. It devoured less water than wheat accordingly limiting the expense of the agriculturist. It’s leguminous in nature along these lines assisting with the dirt richness. These were the certifiable reasons.

For a motion picture, its trailer must be sufficiently incredible to make a buzz among the watchers. This was our first venture, in the event that we would have run with the standard wheat and rice, individuals probably won’t have given careful consideration. Since Rajma was an absolutely new idea, the buzz that we expected was made and to encourage our motivation, the pilot succeeded giving us 100% benefit.

You presented new assortments of editing design. Changing a settled example is somewhat of disobedience and more often than not individuals don’t bolster that change. So how was the reaction of agriculturists to that?

Shashank Kumar: I unmistakably recollect one episode. I had presented Baby Corn in Vaishali. With infant corn, you need to reap the corn while it is still little. So I went to the ranchers at night and let them know, “This is the ideal stage to gather. Since it is truly transient you would need to do that early morning tomorrow, so we could take it to the market by the 9’o clock”. Presently, at 4.30 toward the beginning of the day, a rancher called me inquiring as to whether I was certain that they should collect the corn now. They in their lifetime had never collected corn at such a beginning time, so for them, it was absolutely new and scaring. They feared to bring about any misfortune as a result of us. Be that as it may, after that occurrence it was all ordinary. Our point essentially was to acquaint money crops with the agriculturists so their salary is raised.

You had Farms n Farmers as a setup which was not for the benefit and Non-Government Organization. It developed well. In any case, you concocted Green Agrevolution, why?

Shashank Kumar: When Farms n Farmers began, we were only two individuals prompting agriculturists on what to develop and how to develop. We didn’t have a major group; neither did we have much cash. As we developed, individuals began joining. Right off the bat Amrendra came, he had moved on from NIT Jameshdpur and after that Adarsh from IIT Dhanbad additionally gone along with us. As the group developed, the subsidizing expanded. Rather than being counsellors, we chose to give a one-stop answer for everything identified with cultivating. Furthermore, that is the manner by which Green Agrevolution appeared. It is a benefit making the body. Furthermore, we have made 78% benefit in the last money related year. We needed to set up a maintainable business with the goal that we are not just on the kindness of gifts. We needed to assemble an inheritance so that notwithstanding when there is no Shashank or Manish, there still remains a DeHaat, Agrevolution and Farms n Farmers helping the agriculturists in need.

What is DeHaat and what’s the story behind it?

Shashank Kumar: With little ranchers, they don’t go out on a limb. They have a dread of disappointment. Also, one yield disappointment can cost them, dear. You can’t specifically request that they try different things with the set trimming design. We originally comprehended their social viewpoints. We understood that to affect their business, you need to share their dangers and benefits both. Also, that is the manner by which we thought of the possibility of DeHaat.

Be it seeds, composts, pesticides, data, preparing, specialized help, showcasing or some other thing identified with the standing harvests of agriculturists, DeHaat would be the one-stop arrangement. We constructed the DeHaat focuses at square dimension which is not really 5-7 km from the agriculturist’s field and town, therefore giving everything under one rooftop at the closest separation conceivable. Physical nearness made a picture in the psyche of little ranchers that these individuals would not flee. In addition, we offered every one of the arrangements at an extreme ease and the guidance from Farms n Farmers stayed free too. This affected the agriculturist and in this manner, the DeHaat demonstrate developed. Also, presently we could impact the trimming example of the agriculturist for better outcomes.

How did DeHaat created?

Shashank Kumar: In 2012-13 we set up together two DeHaat focuses. In a little time span, we had 2000 agriculturists enlisted with us. We were only 4 individuals taking care of 2000 ranchers. So we set up together an arrangement of extension.

The young in the country region is running towards the city for insignificant occupations. So we chose to open more DeHaat focuses which would be controlled by these adolescent. We authored the term “Small scale Entrepreneur” for such youth. Rather than pay rates they were given the direction of one DeHaat focus each and they earned an offer of benefit as their pay.

In 2014, we amassed every one of the information identified with farming which we had gathered with the four years of experience and made a database. We named it DeHaat innovation. From enlistment of agriculturists to information accumulation and field visits, it had a guide for everything in it in a streamlined way to encourage the smaller scale business people. It came as a portable application to make it considerably progressively open. We have additionally made a rancher adaptation of DeHaat App which was propelled a year ago.

How is the DeHaat Application helping the agriculturists?


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