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This Padma Shri awardee from Bihar provides free education to the underprivileged


With Gandhi’s charm demonstrating the way to the advancement of socio-in reverse class and JP Narayan centres around Bihar’s unrest, we have among ourselves J K Sinha, a sceptic who shackles the generalizations and changing the lives of unprivileged and denied individuals of Musahar people group.

It’s never past the point where it is possible to acquire changes the general public, with this unadulterated intelligent idea in the psyche, an ex-government IPS officer has sprinkled the spores of changes by means of instruction in the Musahar villas of Bihar.


Jyoti Kumar Sinha, a resigned IPS officer of 1967 clump was conceived in Patna, Bihar. He got his initial instruction from St. Xavier’s school and later moved on from Patna College, Patna University. As Sinha grew up, his fantasies to serve his nation took him over. He pursued the strides of his dad, Late Rai Bahadur Shri A.K. Sinha, who was the principal Indian to wind up DIG of Police, Bihar route in 1939. J.K Sinha joined the Indian Police Services from Bihar unit in 1967 and filled in as Director General of Central Reserve Police Force, Member of the National Disaster Management Authority and later resigned as the uncommon secretary of Research and Analysis Wing(RAW) in 2005.

Amid his preparation in 1968, he went over the musahar network, regularly known as the Rat Eaters of India. Musahar people group has been one of the endless ruined, enslaved and minimized network of India and considered as untouchables in the present age. Living in the debased state, they are almost 2.2 million in numbers as per the state Mahadalit Commission’s break report. Musahars live in the villas of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and are initially landless works. They chip away at rich landowners fields or as untalented ranch work to gain their living and dish rodents to satisfy their cravings for food. Musahar has the education rate of 9.8 percent– most minimal among Dalits in the nation.

Withdrawing his fits, Sinha stated,

“When I saw the state of the Musahars, I felt that it was a national disgrace. Accordingly, when I resigned, I was resolved to accomplish something for the network, in my own little way.”


After his retirement, Sinha established the framework of Shoshit Samadhan Kendra, an English medium school in Danapur (a satellite town close Patna, Bihar) in 2005. As govt denied his budgetary intrigue, he began the school with his reserve funds and seeded cash of his family. Afterwards, offset reserves were raised with the assistance of companions, well-wishers and corporates which changed the framework in a two-section of the land plot with total assets of 20 crores and enhanced nature of instruction. Shoshit Seva Sangh (SSS), a not-for-benefit non-administrative association was made in 2005 by Mr Sinha to support the monetary, instructive, social and social elevate of Musahar segments of society.

The school is partnered to Central Board of Secondary Education. It has occasional classes from Montessori to Class XII for humanities and science stream. They likewise give different administrations like free boarding, cabin, apparel and medicinal services offices as well.

Started with 4 understudies in 2005, shoshit samadhan kendra has about 600 understudies now. As 40-45 understudies get enlisted each year, Sinha is cheerful to contact the characteristic of solidarity up to 1000 by 2020. Today, the school has around 20 educators and 25 bolster staffs to add to this honourable aim. The school’s Principal, R.U Khan, says, “We give best of training and different offices. Indeed, even after understudies go out, we give them support until they land reasonable positions.”

“We had an unobtrusive start in 2005, and the four understudies who go out of the principal group are seeking after advanced education in establishments of notoriety,” says Sinha.

Shaan Kumar and Suraj Kumar are seeking after BA LLB and BA B.Ed courses, individually, at the Central University of South Bihar at Gaya; Sharmesh Kumar is an understudy of BBE (Bachelor in Business and Economics) at St Xavier’s College, Patna and Bablu Kumar is examining political theory (praises) at A College, Patna.

While talking about the working model of school, Sinha stated, “We select understudies from Musahar people group from various parts of the state, greatest two understudies are looked over a town with the goal that they go about as Agents of Change in a wide zone by spreading mindfulness about the social and monetary strengthening that instruction gets the diverse corners of the towns.

Following 14 years of the foundation of Shoshit Samadhan Kendra, Sinha’s caring commitment and thorough endeavours towards the advancement of the Musahar Community got acknowledgement when he has been consulted with the Padamshri grant (The fourth most elevated non-military personnel respect) on the 70th Republic day of India. “I am upbeat that my work has been perceived. This respect helps me to remember the immense work of enhancing the instruction framework for the destitute that lies previously us” Sinha said. “He is an enthusiastic man who has promised to help give Musahar youngsters a superior future,” said his better half Pratibha Sinha, who directs the school’s scholastic and regulatory working.

As Musahars has been segregated by a solid standing line and confronted some genuine persecutions by the general public for untold ages, Educational changes are the best way to shape their mentalities and elevate their economic wellbeing. Irrefutably, their ways of life have changed a great deal with the course of time however they are still far from the standard society because of their parentage and affordable nibbles. Tragically the vast majority of the Musahar youngsters are not ready to make it in school even in the 21st century where each tyke has a direct to instruction. As of late numerous activities have been taken by the govt like schools for mushers and reservations in the instructive foundations, there is much more to do on bedrock level or we need some superhumans like Sinha who don’t wear capes however certainly avert the social emergency

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