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To make Patna eco-friendly soon Patnaites can rent cycles for just ₹2 per hour


With regards to air contamination, Patna positions among the most dirtied urban areas in India. The Air Quality Index or AQI of the city is extremely poor and it causes different breathing issues and maladies among the resident. Ample opportunity has already past that the organization should make significant strides in checking this issue. Patna Municipal Corporation is by all accounts starting a one of a kind administration which would energize eco-accommodating way of life among subjects. Patnaites will before long get the administration of leasing cycles at ₹2 every hour for a day by day drive.


As of late, Patna Municipal Corporation has thought of various new plans and tasks to handle the disturbing issues of contamination, traffic, littering, and so forth. They have likewise reliably tried to improve the sanitation, neatness just as the excellence of the city.

With a similar rationale, PMC has chosen to give eco-accommodating bikes at just ₹1-2/hour to the resident of Patna for day by day transportation. To actualize that, there would be 14 hello there tech remains at various areas all around Patna, where you can lease just as return the item. The proposition was at first made by S.G.L. Line Innovation Ltd. to which PMC gave their endorsement. S.G.L. Line Innovation Ltd. will execute this undertaking under its Corporate Social Responsibility.

An application will be propelled, where individuals can select for the enrollment of this administration. When they get enlisted, they can go to the closest stand and lease bikes. They will be charged at ₹1-2/hour. An aggregate of 10 bikes will be kept at each stand, which will be carefully bolted. The leaseholder can go to the stand and output the QR code accessible on the bike. It will open the bike on the borrower’s name after which the person can take the bike. When the work is done, you can utilize the equivalent application to return it. Simply go to the closest point and end your adventure. The venture is assessed to be propelled and executed in the following month.

“Bikes would be charged ₹1 or 2 every hour. Individuals need to take enrollment before having the capacity to lease a bike. It must be conceivable with the assistance of the application. Individuals will likewise need to store some sum as security cash at the season of enrollment. Enrollment will be of two kinds; direct and referral.”

These various area has been chosen for hello there tech remain; close Gyan Bhavan, Maurya Hotel, S.K. Dedication Hall, R.B.I bank, Bihar Museum, Patna Zoo entryway no 2, Urja Stadium, Green park officer pads, S.K Puri youngsters park, Eco Park door no 1, 2, and 3 just as two different areas in Bailey street.

It is being normal that a stage like this will work viably in lessening the utilization of engine vehicles in the city and therefore will prompt a decrease in air contamination. It will likewise make individuals cognizant and mindful of the dangerous issue. Aside from that, it will likewise urge individuals to embrace a more beneficial way of life. How about we welcome this extraordinary advance and state no to engine vehicles.

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