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Daily Heroes- Serves Society Without Saying a Single Word! Here’s How.


One off those days, when you when travelling through the Mumbai local, you may have run over an older man with message posters swinging from his neck on either side.

Without any extravaganza, either standing unobtrusively or gradually strolling on the station stage, he isn’t advancing any political plan, nor is he moving home-made items or ayurvedic drugs. A more critical look will empower you to peruse the content composed on the sheets in Hindi and English. A few people observe it, some set aside out opportunity to peruse it and some essential disregard.

His name is Ramesh Dongare, and he gladly trusts he is doing his bit for the general public and condition.


At 68 years old, he could have delighted in the cheerful existence of retirement and done things that his as of late finished up occupied life did not permit. We all have our retirement designs, such as venturing to the far corners of the planet, making up for lost time with perusing, maybe notwithstanding learning another ability or basically getting a charge out of time with family. Ramesh had plenty of things to browse as well. Rather, he chose to devote his time to the advancement of the general public.

“I try to do I say others should do,” he says, unhesitatingly.

Dongare has gladly carried on with his life sticking on to specific work that are useful for the earth, the general public and mankind, as a rule. Directly from planting and caring trees in his province to serving for a long time at the Tata Cancer Hospital, Ramesh has dependably put society and condition above everything else.

Returning to the board, it has three points which are grave difficulties that Indians are confronting today:

1. How biting tobacco and smoking reason oral malignancy

2. Organ gift

3. Spare the Environment

The message is written in the basic language which is effectively justifiable for everybody. He picked the Railway Station as the area to remain with the load up and clarifies, “It was a basic decision; I can contact most extreme individuals in the least time.”

Ramesh worked with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research as a Dental expert and got enlivened by an examination directed by his associate Mr F S Mehta. The group contemplated oral disease over a range of 20 years crosswise over India, and the outcomes were stunning.


It presumed that in every 100 patients who experienced oral malignant growth, 80 were dependent on Tobacco or its different variations.

Ramesh chose to do his bit to make the greatest individuals mindful of how deadly tobacco could be. “Not exclusively is the individual devouring tobacco in threat yet there is dependable this aloof mischief to the earth when they spit it out,” states Ramesh.

At the point when referenced that restricting of tobacco crop appears to be a far off dream since it’s an industrially yielding harvest, Ramesh immediately asks, “alright. At that point what about discovering substitutes? Which don’t cause malignancy?”

Ramesh’s late spouse fought malignancy for quite a long while, and henceforth he has actually seen the difficult procedure. He began this activity on Jan 26th, 2011 and has been proceeding since. “It is an exceptionally fulfilling inclination when individuals do not just ask concerning why I do this consistently yet in addition when they come and confess to having surrendered this squalid propensity.”

His second pointer discusses organ gift. India is the second most crowded country on the planet however positions low on organ gift. Over 2.5 lakh individuals kick the bucket just because of the absence of contributor organs.

Around 85,000 Indians experience the ill effects of liver disappointment yearly, yet just about 3% can profit of a liver transplant.

“The measurements are disheartening. Sri Lanka has a populace of 2.09 crore and fares eyes to in excess of 50 countries. What’s more, India with a higher populace, needs to import them,” says Ramesh.

At first, individuals’ outlooks were the main issue. However, at this point, it has become visible that despite the fact that individuals have turned out to be progressively open to this training, our nation is as yet powerless to help the individuals who need to give organs infrastructurally. He notes, “Just a genuine interest by individuals will help put the wheels in the movement to the extent the foundation improvement is concerned.”

In conclusion, it is the security of the condition that he unequivocally feels about. Propelled by perusing articles distributed by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, he started spreading critical data about commotion contamination.

“While the festival of celebrations of any religion is extraordinary, why go with it with impacting speakers and uproarious DJs? No God ever has requested it and none ever will. As a rule, it is only a show of riches which is hurting our planet. Be it a marriage parade or India winning a match or the nearby city hall leader winning the races, for what reason is each festival fragmented without these fireworks? On the off chance that this is the means by which taught individuals to carry on, things look troublesome later on,” shares says a sincere Ramesh.

He noticed that there are many like him who have finished their expert obligations and are sound and anxious to serve the general public without being under the flag of any NGO or ideological group. He says, “Give us gadgets which can gauge sound dimensions, and we will stand and note it for the Government. Individuals need to recognize what evil presences we are confronting and just evaluating the fallen angel will demonstrate how solid it is.”

India is a youthful nation with 65% of its populace younger than 35 years. By 2020, India could be the most youthful nation on the planet.


While Ramesh went on his with his daily practice of helping the general public, it deserted an idea. Is the adolescent in this youthful country doing what’s necessary? Does it possibly need to be World Environment Day when the corporates hold the walk to spare trees with their logos on the pennants which tick denotes their CSR action for the year while they squander many packs of paper every year? Do understudies just need to join Teach for India and comparable associations amid their mid-year get-aways to add another point to their CV?

Maybe what we need right currently is to guzzle the seeds of right disposition directly from the earliest starting point of our training cycle; the frame of mind towards addictive propensities like tobacco, demeanour towards being defensive of the earth and society when all is said in done.

At last, it is all up to how decided an individual is. Ramesh’s drive gives us the ideal formula for a decent and benevolent deed. Every one of the fixings we need is – a tad within recent memory, sheer assurance, no cash, no desires for acknowledgement and parts and heaps of expectation.

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