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Shweta Shahi : The 19-Year-Old Self-Taught Rugby Player


Achievement isn’t just about what you achieve in your life; It’s about what you move others to do.” Walking on the hot sand and perspiring the blood out, here we have an account of accomplishment of a 19-year-old Shweta Shahi, who took in the jokes of Rugby while watching recordings on Youtube.


The web has been the greatest equalizer. To be sure it is imperfect yet it emerges tall with the advantages it gives. Principal it serves square with circumstances and a stage to learn abilities paying little mind to what you are and from where you have a place with. Furthermore, this youthful hero got this open door unwittingly which wrote her future with splendid hues.

Shweta, a known name in her local circuit, was conceived in a rancher’s group of Bhandari town in Nalanda region of Bihar. Her dad Sujit Kumar Shahi is a rancher and her mom Champa Devi is a homemaker. She has a senior sister and three siblings. She has dependably been a wonder among her adolescents. She grew up like some other young lady in the town however things didn’t continue as before for her since she figured out how to work Youtube in her dad’s telephone. She used to watch rugby for quite a long time getting a charge out of the game without knowing the game’s name.

The 19-year-old was first seen in a state athletic occasion by Bihar’s rugby secretary. At the point when Shweta Shahi was inquired as to whether she might want to play rugby, it was the first occasion when she had heard the word

Being infatuated with the diversion, Shweta duplicates the jokes and practices the means throughout the day. Her energy for games turned out poorly for long when her dad noticed her bravery. She began preparing for the game with her dad, who bolstered her genuinely in her adventure, notwithstanding conflicting with the desires of the family and residents in Shweta’s mission to accomplish enormity.


This account of magnificence was difficult, Being a young lady from a town she had been extremely mistreated by the general public. In the town, where young ladies should get hitched in the early age, Shweta didn’t wait with the choices, her family benefited and battled all the chances to seek after her enthusiasm as a vocation. Pulling back the recollections she stated:

There were some in my family who questioned. My maternal uncle, who was of the view that ladies shouldn’t play sports stated, “Who might wed you?”

Rugby is damage inclined game. Imagine a scenario in which I get injured. He was stressed that no one would need to wed me. If not for my dad’s unequivocal help, I would not have achieved where I have.

Because of budgetary insecurity and economy emergency, She couldn’t stand to have a mentor. While family issues and cash were one piece of her battle, having no ground to rehearse and unreasonably expensive essential luxuries of games was likewise a noteworthy obstacle. While addressing Quint she said-

“I had been rehearsing on a field however the proprietor manufactured limits around it. I used to cycle 6 km each morning to prepare in a school’s play area which had stones and knocks”.

Her battle was at long last remunerated when Shweta turned into the main young lady from Bihar chose for the national camp in 2013. Shweta, today, has spoken to India in numerous worldwide rivalries and has 3 global titles added to her repertoire. Later on, the 19-year-old went onto speak to India in the Asian Rugby Seven Series held in Sri Lanka, Dubai, and South Korea. Having spoken to the nation on the worldwide stage, Shahi isn’t just focusing on the Olympics yet, in addition, needs rugby to prosper in Nalanda. She goes from school to class endeavoring to urge more young ladies to take up rugby. She prepares the young ladies under her watch who are now eclipsing at the national dimension. Shweta has been welcome to go to a World Rugby meeting went for quickening the worldwide improvement of ladies in Rugby.


While envisioning as a first voter in the general races 2019, Shweta has certain requests from the administration to chip away at the game’s framework of the nation, particularly to the communities and urban areas. She doesn’t need qualified sportsperson to agree to a destitution stricken life due to the absence of fundamental wearing offices.

“Legislators are making streets however none of them centers around players. My serious issue is that I don’t have a ground. I have no preparation gear or any office. When I vote in 2019, I will cast a ballot in view of these issues. We’re India’s future. In the event that we progress nicely, we will convey pride to our locale and states. On the off chance that they guarantee to work for us, I will vote in favor of them,” she said.

The country is glad to have such engaged lady like Shweta Shahi, who breaks every one of the binds of generalizations and outshone all the unfavorable conditions making her own way of accomplishment. Shweta didn’t just mold herself as a sportsperson yet additionally worked for the improvement of society. She assumed responsibility for alternate young ladies to have a dynamic advance in the field of games. She is a lady of deeds and spine of steel and we are incredibly pleased with this current Bihar’s girl.

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