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Government announces new Rs 20 coin


New Delhi: The Government will turn out with the first since forever Rs 20 coin which will be molded like a 12-edged polygon with a plan of grains to mean homestead strength in the nation.

Furthermore, the new arrangement of one, two, five and ten rupees coins also would be stamped, which will be round in plan and have sections written in Hindi content.

The definite date of issuance of these new arrangement coins is yet to be declared.

The Rs 20 coin will weigh 8.54 gm and its outside width will be 27mm with the external ring made of nickel silver and the highlight of Nickel metal, an account service warning said.

The essence of the new Rs 20 coin will bear the ‘Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar’ with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ recorded beneath. The left outskirts will have the word ‘Bharat’ in Hindi and the correct fringe will have the word ‘India’ in English.

The switch side of the coin would have the denominational esteem ’20’ in the global numerals alongside the Rupee image.

“The structure of grains portraying the horticultural predominance of the nation is flanked on the left fringe of the coin,” the notice said.

The time of stamping in universal numerals will appear focus of left fringe of the coin, it included.

As per the warning, the new Rs 10 coin will have an outside distance across of 27 mm and weigh 7.74 gm, while the Rs 5 coin will have a width of 25 mm and weight of 6.74 gms.

The new arrangement one rupee and two rupees coin will weigh 3.09 gm and 4.07 gm, while the width would be 20 mm and 23 mm individually.

The substance of every one of these coins will bear the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar with the ‘Satyameva Jayate’ recorded underneath, flanked on the left fringe with the word ‘Bharat’ in Hindi and on the correct outskirts with the word ‘India” in English.

According to the Coinage Act, 1906, the Government of India has the sole idea to mint coins and the obligation regarding coinage vests with the Government. The planning and printing of coins in different categories is additionally the duty of the Government.

Coins are printed at the four India Government Mints at Mumbai, Alipore (Kolkata), Saifabad (Hyderabad), Cherlapally (Hyderabad) and Noida (UP).

The coins are issued for the course just through the Reserve Bank as far as the RBI Act.

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