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India’s first LGBTQ clinic and HIV treatment centre inaugurated in Mumbai


Around 20 years after the Humsafar Trust began a care group for gay men, male sex specialists, and transgenders, making mindfulness about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the gathering introduced the nation’s first HIV treatment focus and comprehensive facility for the for the lesbian, gay, promiscuous, transgender and eccentric (LGBTQ) people group.

Based out of the trust’s office jn Mumbai, the middle will give free directing and give Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART).

Craftsmanship is the utilization of HIV meds to treat the contamination and is prescribed for everybody who is tainted with infection and defers the movement of the ailment.

The middle will be open for all, said Ashok Row Kavi, author-director of the Humsafar Trust.

“As of not long ago, we would complete testing for the network individuals at our inside. Whenever tried positive for the infection, they would be approached to go to Sion Hospital, yet there was an enormous dropout (rate) there. On account of how the network is seen outside, a great deal of these individuals wouldn’t look for treatment,” said Kavi.

Kavi included that the facility would fill in as a one-stop focus where pre-directing, recognition, guiding and treatment of HIV patients would be finished.

Dr. Srikala Acharya of Mumbai District AIDS Control Society said the quantity of HIV positive patients has diminished definitely in the course of recent years on account of mediation by network-based gatherings.

“Out of 4,000 guys who have intercourse with men who are screened normally by us, just 253 tried positive as per late figures,” said Acharya.

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