The Amazing Story of a Railway Junction in Bihar That Doubles Up As a Coaching Centre!


At first look, the Sasaram station in Bihar resembles some other. Travelers hanging tight to board, trains chugging all through the stage, bounteous measures of tea being made and expended, and that very recognizable smell that radiates from railroad stations in India.

In any case, in one corner on stages 1 and 2, you are probably going to see gatherings of young men who are caught up with poring over material and having enlivened discussions.


This is anything but an irregular scene; this is something that happens every day for two hours, toward the beginning of the day just as the night.

For those two hours, this railroad station changes into a training place for youthful hopefuls planning to split different focused and selection tests.

While trying to enable these understudies to understand their fantasies, Patna Superintendent of Rail Police, Jitendra Mishra, played great Samaritan by giving personality cards to more than 500 adolescents. With these cards, they can get ready for different focused examinations under a light post at the railroad station.

There are numerous investigation bunches at this station; all seeking to get themselves government occupations in the wake of clearing the focused examinations. The senior understudies visit the station normally and mentor other people who are generally from monetarily in reverse segments of society.

As per a report distributed by The Telegraph, around 1,200 understudies gather on the stage each night from remote of Maoist-swarmed Rohtas.

“There are remote towns, which still don’t have power. Therefore, understudies go to the railroad station and concentrate under the light post,” said Vicky Kumar, an occupant.

Santosh, one of the understudies, has been resulting in these present circumstances “training focus” for a couple of months now. Addressing The Hindu’s Business Line, he says that he pays an ostensible ₹3 for a lot of 100 inquiries.

The intense power deficiency that the state faces is one reason why understudies turned out in such substantial numbers to contemplate under the streetlights. The station has given them a sanctuary where they can put in hours submerged in their books.


Each paan-wala and tea slow down proprietor in the station knows these young men. They are known as the station waale ladke (station young men). There are a few understudies who spend practically whole evenings there considering.

What keeps them returning is their help in one another, the seniors and the continuous power.

With a million dreams and expectations, these young men crowd the stations every day to examine; while some make it, many don’t.

The expectation, be that as it may, proceeds.

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