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Soon to be Played by Deepika, Here is This Acid Attack Crusader’s Incredible Story

For 30-year-old Laxmi Agarwal, India’s most prominent campaigner against the awful scourge of corrosive assaults, the most recent couple of weeks have been very dreamlike.

From being deserted by her live-in accomplice, without labor for a year, attempting to accommodate her little girl and on the cusp of getting removed from an East Delhi level to accepting news that Bollywood star Deepika Padukone will create and star in chief Meghna Gulzar’s film about her life, it’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks for Laxmi.


“When I heard this story, I was profoundly moved as it’s one of brutality as well as of solidarity and boldness, expectation and triumph. It had such an effect on me, that actually and inventively, I expected to go past thus the choice to turn maker,” Deepika told the Mumbai Mirror.

Following updates on her present problem, work offers and money related guide from any semblance of Bollywood star Akshay Kumar additionally came pouring through, which has just added to all the show.

Occasions of the previous week, notwithstanding, are representative of the unprecedented life she’s lived so far. Destined to a working class family in Delhi, her life resembled some other high school young lady experiencing childhood in the city.

Everything transformed one day in 2005. On her way to a bookshop close Khan Market where Laxmi was functioning as an aide, a long-lasting stalker and a man twice her age, tossed a brew bottle stacked with corrosive on her for dismissing his advances.

“After the assault, I was admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and remained there for about three months. There were no mirrors in the ward I was in. Each morning, the medical caretaker would present to me a bowl of water to enable me to spruce up, and I would endeavor to get my appearance in that water. I would just observe looks at a bound face. I used to have a scar on my nose before the assault; I would advise the specialist to expel that amid the activity. When I previously observed my face a short time later, I was crushed. I had no face to discuss. My eyes were deformed,” she revealed to The Indian Express.


Since the episode, she’s needed to experience various medical procedures, yet more basically, defeat the mental scars that have accompanied it. In any case, amidst all that, she did a broad battle against the closeout of corrosive in India and offering reasonable treatment to survivors.


She attributes her dad for rousing her to document a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court a year after the assault close by another survivor Rupa. The appeal was looking for the section of another law or corrections to the current arrangements in the Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, and Criminal Procedure Code to manage corrosive assaults, other than confining of principles for pay to survivors. She additionally looked for a total prohibition on the closeout of corrosive the nation over referring to the quantity of such awful assaults.

In July 2013, she won her fight in court generally when the court issued a lot of new limitations on the closeout of corrosive, which incorporate a prohibition at a bargain to minors and outfitting a photograph character card before getting it, among other such confinements.

“Over-the-counter closeout of corrosive is totally disallowed except if the dealer keeps up a log/register recording … the subtleties of the person(s) to whom corrosive (s) is/are sold, the amount sold and will contain the location of the individual to whom it is sold,” the court said in a between time request.


Infringement of its request “will pull in arraignment under the Poisons Act, 1919” and “the SDM will be vested with the duty of fining the violators and starting indictment,” the court said. It even arranged state governments to repay corrosive assault exploited people with Rs 3 lakh.

Through the section of the Criminal (Amendment) Act, 2013, corrosive assault was even presented as a different offense under the Indian Penal Code. In any case, her fight didn’t stop there.

“Corrosive is unreservedly accessible in shops. Our own volunteers have proceeded to buy corrosive effectively. Truth be told, I have myself bought corrosive,” she said in November 2014. “We have propelled another activity called ‘Shoot Acid’. By methods for the Right to Information Act, we are attempting to secure information concerning the closeout of corrosive in each locale. We plan to show the data gathered through this activity under the watchful eye of the Supreme Court to advise them of the circumstance on the ground.”

2014 was a mixed year for Laxmi. Prior that year, in March, she had won the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in 2014, with the then First Lady Michelle Obama introducing it to her, yet the high of the honor was trailed by disaster—she lost her sibling to tuberculosis and father to a heart assault.

This was likewise the year when she met Alok Dixit a columnist and the organizer of the Stop Acid Attack crusade. The two experienced passionate feelings for.

Rather than the wedding, the couple took the choice to live-in together.

“We have chosen to live respectively until we bite the dust. Be that as it may, we are testing the general public by not getting hitched. We don’t need individuals to go to our wedding and remark on my looks. The vibes of a lady of the hour are most essential for individuals. In this way, we chose not to have any function,” said Laxmi. Meanwhile, she had additionally helped to establish another non-benefit with her accomplice called the Chhanv Foundation. Their tyke, Pihu, was conceived on March 25, 2015.

Sadly, this is the place her life goes downhill once more. Not long after their little girl was conceived, the couple isolated by virtue of individual contracts. Despite the fact that Laxmi had guardianship of the kid, her pay streams were starting to evaporate and the expense of raising Pihu was starting to cause significant damage. Compensation from the non-benefits ceased once she left them because of contrasts with Dixit. He additionally did little to help Laxmi and her tyke, referring to the absence of cash.

“I have no cash. I simply don’t. You can check my financial balance, and it doesn’t have Rs 5000. This is the way we activists live. I don’t have a customary activity, and all the cash that my NGO gets is spent in dealing with corrosive assault survivors,” Dixit tod the Hindustan Times a month ago.

Notwithstanding every one of the honors and rewards, nobody was prepared to offer her a genuine activity (Laxmi is a prepared beautician) or even a less expensive spot to lease on account of her deformed face (cases of ‘kids may get terrified’).

“There is quite a lot of cash that gets spent on various restorative medical procedures. Laxmi got Rs 3 lakh in remuneration from the administration after a Supreme Court request, yet substantially more went in her medical procedures and the pregnancy that pursued. She got a ton of acknowledgment when she got the honor from Michelle Obama, yet her honor cash was insufficient. In India, individuals are eager to give grants, not cash,” said Anurag Chauhan, an originator of the NGO, Humans for Humanity, addressing HT.


Luckily, when updates on her present predicament ended up open, guide and help originated from everywhere. She has even gotten an occupation offer from a hair and cosmetics institute, which is additionally eager to support her little girl’s training.

It’s unfathomable how much this lady has experienced.

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