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Let me start by saying that it  feels amazing, absolutely fabulous to be able to check it off the bucket list of running half-marathons and 10 KMs. For me running is a mirror  to the profoundly called Project management skills of Plan – Do- Check – Act.

To set a goal and crush it. Every time i got better with more runs. Here in let me pen down my experience of my first marathon.

I even did better than I had expected – my pace was better than I expected, and I felt better than I expected throughout and all the way to the finish line.

Why Running the Half -Marathon?

Around an year ago , I didn’t care about running. While I appreciated the fact that running definitely leads to a healthy body and a healthy mind, I would never visualize that even 5KM run is possible for me…

Running and I really begun off in an undesirable manner and constructed an unfortunate association with one another. Toward the beginning of my wellness venture, I ran a great deal and it was simply because I thought it was the best way to achieve my weight reduction objectives and gain body strength.

So Then What? How Could I Prepare?

I agreed to accept my first half marathon challenge and the show went on…


Gearing up

I allowed myself 10 weeks to prepare for the race. I jumped on learners preparing a program. I began the weeks running 2-2.5miles for three days in a week. Mumbai is beautiful and has a lot of places where you can hit for running.  I had multi-day for long runs and two days for short recuperation runs. Every week I would expand the mileage 0.5-1mile after sincerely surveying how I felt. No easy routes and losing track of what’s most important.

Amid the Half-marathon Race

Woke up brilliant and ahead of schedule for this race was booked at 5:30. I woke up at 3:30 AM, had dry fruits , and battled with my nervousness and energy as I advanced toward the race area with my closest companion who came to rum with me.

kyu quality kyuquality

At 5:23 am, everybody was called to the beginning line to get ready for the race to start. “I’m doing this. I can do this.” – Is the thing that I contemplated internally. Furthermore, when 5:30 AM hit, and the horns sounded, and I propelled off with everybody next to me.

1-5 KM:

It was a wonderful site. To see the entire Mumbai shut off and loaded up with a large number of energized people running. No vehicles.  Running across the Worli Sea Link is so mesmarizing. The city was still for all intents and purposes snoozing since it was so promptly toward the beginning of the day. It was simply us a huge number of sprinters, running together. I was taking it all in, endeavoring to in any case breath fittingly on the grounds that the view truly blew my mind. However, I was feeling extraordinary!  Running along so many motivating runners was a site to see. I felt pleased to be on that street.


5-11 KM:

over that midpoint, regardless I’m feeling great physically. Rationally, it’s turning into a test. Many individuals that were behind me have begun to run pass me. I do begin to feel somewhat apprehensive, and my self-image needs to show up. You get to experience what string willpower and determination is all about.Yet, I took a look at myself before I destroyed myself. My solitary challenge is myelf. I should keep on concentrating on what feels directly for me, and not for my sense of self. My sense of self needs to me to begin dashing pass these people, however, it won’t be there to get me when I breakdown face first to the ground cause my legs would give out.Remain centered. Bye, Ego!


11- Finish Line:

Can you Still SMILE… You Do and Hell yaaa you Roarrrrr!!!!

Legs are like on auto -pilot mode. Your mind whats to stop but the break system has slowed down… You are able to STOP only after a few more strides beyond the finish line…I’m feeling tired. Now, I’m energized I’m nearly there, yet additionally, feel baffled in supposing I’m so far away. My body is as yet performing, yet my brain is beginning to convince myself to stop as an afterthought to relax. I’m running, yet my psyche and body are grappling with one another. My brain needed to  trust, and I advised my body to prop up cause my closest companion is holding on to see me cross that complete line!

kyuquality kyu quality

What’s more, at 02:35:14, I crossed that complete line! I wrapped up! I finished a race I had figured I couldn’t go back 2 months prior. I even completed at a pace superior to anything I anticipated! I dealt with a shortcoming and turned out inclination more grounded than any time in recent memory.

I recommend all readers here to take up running… It awakens your inner-self. You will tend to become humble and inspire many many more to take up fitness as an integral part of Life.


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