What is 996 work culture ?

996 work culture
In the all-time favorite Quiet motion picture “Modern Times”, Year – 1936. The great Charlie Chaplin,  plays an assembly line laborer turning jolts at such a humorous yet highly distracted and unmatched pace. This maniac behaviour resulted to an anxiety breakdown. He was thrown out of the company. While the movie went down to the memory lanes with happy thoughts, it didn’t expect to be brought to live in the recent times…
Some youthful tech specialists consider themselves to be 21st-century variants of the ‘Little Tramp,  who are the neXxxtgen followers of the much debated ‘9-9-6 schedule—9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week’.


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What is 996 schedule?
It is a work schedule implement by some of the major internet giants in mainland. 996 methods implements work timings from  9:00 AM– 9:00 PM, 6 days of the week. While it may have worked towards the benefits of employees and companies, there has been a wide spread agitation against the long working hours by some of the major internet giants from silicon valley.
While it may be extremely normal in China to take a shot at a 996 timetable, some companies are still resistant to it and advocate the 40 hours work culture a week.
  • Microsoft specialists approached Chinese tech organizations to agree to neighborhood work laws, which limit their workers to 40 hours every week
  • The “996” reasoning has been embraced by the tech extremely rich person and Alibaba Founder Jack Ma
Our thoughts…
So here’s a deal. what matters most is the quality of work that we deliver irrespective whether the timings are #996 or #997 or #885. So, what matters most is the kind of difference we have created in the minds of people. The progress we have made which leads to a profitable and sustainable organization. 
Like it’s said, Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career. A conducive work environment collaborating with People, Processes, Technology and Partners leads to a 360 degree growth of an organization.
The choice is yours!!!  
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