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Who is your ‘Dream Catcher’

Who is your ‘Dream Catcher’ !!!
One February  noon, I had been to a friends house for lunch. The host decided to go for Bengali delicacies  to which, i instantly agreed considering that i have a long drawn weakness towards everything thats Bengali. 
Just after¬†the super¬†delicious¬† Lunch, we hogged on to some¬†‚Äėlimited‚Äô scoop of Naturals¬†ice-cream‚Ķ It sis then when my eyes, for the first tine in my life¬†felt on the¬†‚ÄėDream Cathers‚Äô
Who is your Dream catcher
Oohoo so beautiful !!! swaying from right to left Рleft to right, the colorful feathers seemed to have confined my eyesight. 
After i managed to get over my instant infatuation,¬†‚Äėwhat is this so¬†beautiful¬†hanging by the mirror‚Äô? was my first question that dropped on the floor. The obvious response was.‚ÄĚWhat is so¬†beautiful?‚Äô as the gang¬†didn‚Äôt know where i was¬†bringing the¬†question up.The¬†lady of the¬†house came to me¬†and said ..Boy its a¬†‚ÄėDream¬†Catcher‚Äô
A Dream Catcher holds on to good vibes and repels the negative thoughts.. Its keeps you away from negative thoughts as well. We discussed this further and she went on to elaborate…
As per traditionally know legends, a dream catcher catches all bad dreams.negative thoughts in the web and only allows the good dreams/good vibes to pas thru it when the first ray of Sunlight falls on it. with the sunshine all negative  dreams will evaporate. IN old times Dream cathers were placed in the Kids rooms as a talisman to project them from Band dream and nightmares.
My Dream Cather !!!
It was once also know as ‚ÄėGods Eye‚Äô.
Origination: it originates from the the Ojibwe culture. As per an anecdote, its said that grandmothers would weave wool and wood together and make it as a spider web so that bad dreams don’t reach their kids and grand-childreans.In modern times, Dreamcatchers has taken up various forms and shapes and popular across PAN India.
Everything thats attached to the Dream Catcher, forms a part of the new Native American dreamcatcher have meaning attached to across the world. The shape is like a circle representing the Circle of Life just like the sun and moon travel every day and night over the sky. With respect to the great dreams, the plumes go about as a fleecy, cushion like stepping stool that enables them to tenderly plunge upon the resting individual undisturbed. As described by some American Indians, the dabs symbolize the web weaver itself.While my fascination where beyond boundaries, one of the thoughts that cross my mind is that , we all in real life and even today need dream catchers across all walks of life.
Its become a popular product and sold on various forms and colors on the online retail Platforms such as Amazon and Flipcart.. if you like it, go for it.
To conclude, i would like to say that , we need such Dream Catchers everywhere to stop the evil, fights, wars, hatread and purify us everyday in the morning. let us all become dream catchers for others and together make this world a a better place to live In.
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