Designing my Dream Camera – Every Photographer’s Fantasy

No camera is made perfect.!!! Sounds interesting…

All of us are looking for something unique in our Camera.  Sometimes its the size of the sensors, or the weight, the choices differ. When got interested in photography and lately video making, I started exploring Cameras and ended up using over a dozen Cameras. All I wish was more and more features in my cameras for lesser price. I guess this is what most people wants. Not talking about Leica owners 🙂

Herin, I am sharing the main wish list for most of us I believe (enthusiast photographers)-

Great image quality, Professional video features, Smaller form factor, RAW shooting, Ease of use & a key deciding factor – cheaper price (~$1200)

Let me brig your focus towards my latest addition, The Google Pixel camera phone. The picture quality for that sensor size is just mind-blowing.  While, we all understand,  it’s the image processing algorithms which are playing a crucial role here apart from camera sensor itself. However,  we don’t care if it’s processor or software or whatever. If the picture has a superb image quality, photographer’s across the globe will love it.

My Panasonic cameras, which i consider is one of the best, haven’t been used for casual shoot since I got this phone. Apart from the photographs, Video shooting is also at a top notch quality. It  shoots 4K video and I don’t have to buy expensive SD cards (I have 128 gb version).  What impress me most is that, I can even edit the 4K video in phone itself which my windows laptop with 8 gb ram does not handle with precision.
Hence, as a design enthusiast and camera lover, I came up with some basic design for what a future camera would look like. Named it Google Pixel A 🙂
We are entering into a time where CPU power is cheap and machine learning is taking it’s place in everyday objects.

I was amazed at a post which describes how machine learning(ML) can be used to remove noise in poor/low light images. With the advent of upcoming new tech, One day, I believe, we won’t need fast lens or bigger sensor for low light photography.

Strong grip with switch
Choose from multiple Lens
It is absolutely remarkable to see what Google can do with one camera and supporting software, imagine having 5–6 small camera units with different focal lengths (macro also). Yes, you guessed it right, it  will eliminate need to carry large lenses.
The camera should be able to shoot video in HDR and LOG profile. Primarily this is software area and CPU power is not a  problem, it should handle these tasks easily. 

The prototype designs are  still very basic and need far more evaluation and experimentation to make to a perfect working camera. These images should be able to give an

Limassol view point

idea of camera look n feel. I leave designing user interface for some other day.

Here’s my first basis design of how a perfect Camera should look alike. 
Please do share your views and comments. I shall be more then happy to respond.
Kuldeep Bora 
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