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Maldives: Welcome to Paradise… Lifetime full of adventure!!!


Maldives: “Welcome to Paradise”. Lifetime full of adventure!!!

Let me call out with all my heart, the best memories you can give to your partner is a Lifetime full of adventure. So travel together to bond together. Travelling is passion. Reaching out across the globe without fear and taste the experience of exploring life to the utmost.’

Endless view of the ocean
Infinity Pool @ Adaaran Select

We make it a point that we travel to travel to a beautiful location and completely disconnect with the outside world, with an objective to reconnect with each other. Year on Year, On our anniversary, we travel to some destination to celebrate together those most beautiful moments of our lives. It is the most beautiful and mesmerizing –  ‘Maldives Island #sunnysideoflife to visit. We were thinking for visiting Maldives for over two years, however, were falling short on budget. It only happened this feb’19 and it became the most memorable holiday in our lives so far…

As shared by one of the most famous Bollywood actor in Indian Cinema, If you wish for something form the bottom of your heart with purity and dedication, I day you will get it…

  • Where is Maldives???

While, I shall share the details of my experience, let me first share with you where exactly is this beautiful heaven on earth place.

Aerial view
Maldives Islands

Maldives consists of 1190 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Maldives has India and Sir Lanka as their neighboring countries.

There are over 90 island resort in Maldives and we choose the Adaaran Select Meedhupparu Island Resort. We were so lucky that we choose this Resort. Its indeed a heaven on earth. So impressive hospitality and warm welcome.

We landed at the main city called Male by air from Mumbai at around 12 noon. The resort team at the airport welcomed us, offered water and took us to the nearby(walking distance) domestic airport from where took another domestic Maldivian airlines flight to another island from where we had a 40 minutes speedboat ride to the resort. Trust me, the entire onward journey is full excitement and heart throbbing. The speedboat ride is a must try adventure in Maldives. As we reached the desk, we noticed, over 5 resort team members were ready and offered us a  warm welcome.. We quickly introduced each other and were able to build up a very friendly conversation. It seemed as if, we knew each other since ages. They quickly gave us an insight on the resort. were then driven down by goal carts to our most beautiful and sea facing cottage. Guess what, we witnessed the beautiful sunset right at our cottage backyard.  It was so peaceful to hear the waves on the white sand beach.

  • NO WIFI in the room is utmost delight!!! Know Why..

Cottages were so beautifully located, you have compete privacy. What we lived the most about the resort is that there is no WIFI in the rooms… At first we were taken back but we realized that it was purposely done so that the guest can enjoy the beautiful serene around then instead of being glued to the mobile phone. The objective is to unwind and the resort serves the purpose. We totally loved this thought put up by the management. They actually mean it when they say,“Welcome to Paradise”.

Love birds
hand in hand
  • Welcome to Paradise

Walking hand-in-hand together by the branch seemed like an endless journey filled with love passion and a strong feeling of togetherness.  We felt so energised, We felt so much in LOVE…It goes without mentioning that we completely forgot that we have been staying at the resort for over 2 days and it was time to pack the bags.

Into the Horizan
Water Villas

The resort offers a wide range of cuisine to choose from across all restaurants at the resort. They a dedicated Sunrise and Sunset Bar where you can enjoy your drinks right on the beach…What caught our attention, is that the same person would welcome and grit us for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Honestly, they have gone to the next level in ensuring superior Customer experience.

  • Our First Snorkeling Experience in Maldives

This was happening for the first time for us…Snorkelling by the North Jetty was icing on cake for us.  The Maldives islands are popular for its reefs and the world under the water.

new friends while Snorkeling

We were so delighted experiencing the Sea life . Baby Shark, Parrot fish, Blue Surgeonfish and Manta Rays welcomed us. It was a new world to explore. The different colors, beauty, and resonance of the sea life was magnificent and leaves you with memories of a life time.

  • Sea Plane ride @ No Extra Cost

While Maldives was definitely on our bucket list, riding on a Seaplane too was right there flashing in florescent. We were lucky that the resort dropped us back to the airport by a seaplane. Couldn’t have thanked them more!!! What an experience it was… Those small planes glide over the sea into the clouds along with your partner is so adventurous…

Sea Plane ride
Beautiful Sea Plan

Maldives is truly an amazing country – it is the “Sunny Side of life”. We had the time of our lives and we wish to be there again…

  • 10 Tips on Maldives Island Trip

In our next blog, we shall share with you the Top 10 Tips for Maldives Holidays!!!’


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