The resource capacity of Habits…Do I need it?

Natural Resources

Take a notice of resources required that let you run through the day the way you do and eventually access the resource capacity of our habits. The nextGen goal it to make the optimum utilization of resources around us.

Some aspects of the life that you come across while reflecting on resource utilization are

Natural Resources
Natural Resources
  • 15 minute morning shower
  • fuel for your car that gets you to work
  • avocado that flew across the world so you can have it for lunch
  • 7th pair of jeans
  • keeping laptop on standby while you are having your beauty sleep.

As responsible citizens, lets reflect and improvise on how we can make the optimum utilization of the resources around us.

  • Tur off the water while shampooing your hair
  • take a bike or car-pool, eat local and seasonal
  • learn about capsule wardrobe and buy less, but better, unplug your appliances when not in use.

Except your fridge, the ice-cream will melt and that’s a waste of food 🙂

Resource Utilization
Resource Utilization
Let me call out to all the global citizens to join hands and come together to build a more resourceful place to live for us and for generations to come after us. I urge all the readers to share your ideas on how to make the world a better place to live in.
you may share your views and ideas for continuous natural resource optimum utilization in the comments box below..Elina.

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