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American Express- The digital KISS. The best Credit Card in the world.

American Express Service

Its a Digital KISS. The American Express Credit Card Way… The best Credit Card in the world. Its a Digital KISS

The on boarding experience, I had with the Amex Credit Card is what made me to pen down my experience of applying for a card to transacting and finally referring to family and friends. I have been using Credit cards for over a decade now. All have their own benefits in terms of services and reward points., 10 days back when i applied for the American Express Credit card, I was not aware that i am going to get a totally mid blowing experience. American Express is the best Credit Card in the world.They have actually redefined Service and above all gave a completely new dimension to ‘Service to Sales’.The Digital KISS goes beyond words.

  • Let’s explore why I say Amex Credit Card… The best Credit Card in the world.
American Express Service
American Express Service

After I was referred for this card, i applied for it online and that’s when i witnessed the Best digital experience of my LIFE. It’s a complete paperless and without any physically present human intervention. I entered all relevant details including C-KYC and address details. After updating identity proofs and off course the Aadhaar Card details, I was taken to a page which takes you to Linked-In for profile verification. I just loved this part of the verification model. I competed submitting the form in like just 10 mins.

The only 4 documents that i uploaded are

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Photo
  • One latest salary slip.

About after 5 mins, I get a call, the gentleman on the other side of the call verified all the details and closed the call on a thankyou note. I also received an email asking to update all documents. That’s it..Just one Verification call, No one coming to visit for address verification, no more calls. Exactly on the 5th day from the date of application submission, my door bell rings… and there you Go. The delivery person was ready with my American Express Credit card…

I was surprised and amazed to see this service. Never in my life before had i received a credit card at such lightning speed…Just 5 days card delivered!!!

I received my card, started using it and also referred it to my friends.. Here are some of my key takeaways from such an amazing digital and hassle free experience.

YOur way

  • KISS Digital Experience: The American Express Way

Keep is Simple, Stupid(KISS)  or let’s say keep is short and simple (KISS) is what Amex attains with the digital on boarding process. Making it easy for customers to input the basic details on their own across handheld and desktop devices. When a potential customer discovers the website as a visitor, we have got a certain amount of time before they either navigate further into your domain, or they lose interest and hit the back button.

  • Customer experience is all about one word: simplicity

Companies across the globe, who have been able to attract and continue to build on sustained relationship with their customers have one thing in common i.e SIMPLICITY in the way to do things.

Customers today are looking for simplified, devise agnostic, anytimeanywhere and Personalized services across the life cycle of the relationship. For example, a consistent Brand experience across channels- website, apps, email, and social media builds a strong recall value for the customer. Trust me, a satisfied customer is the best Business Strategy of all times.That makes, American Express, The best Credit Card in the world.

Velocity Insta- Gratification Customize
Velocity Insta- Gratification Customize
  • Your Customers are the Best Sales- man you can ever have

Don’t be surprised!!!! It’s True. Your customers will starting talking about your impeccable services they have experienced and refer your brand to their friends and colleagues. That’s your gateway to HOT LEADS. They become the front line of your sales force. Imagine how powerful it is to have your customers promoting and selling for you. It offers more credibility than any sales person. IN other way you can call them Network Groups.

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