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The Big Bang Question: I ME MYSELF in 3 years

I Me Myself in 3 years

Eat, sleep, Work, Repeat-goes like a rave amidst our monotonous life. I as a notorious student is least confident to imply a strategic goal in my life. But certainly every individual needs, at a point of time, some commitment towards life. Hence ‘I’ emphasize to stand as a successful ‘me’ in the next three years identifying ‘myself’. It is yet a probable chance for me, being a student of psychology I can apprehend my peak point in my career to replicate as a social worker creating warm and affectionate proposition towards sanity, humanity and of course society. Its time to address The Big Bang Question: I ME MYSELF in 3 years

Little love, affection, and encouragement may change Society…

My Big Bang goals
My goals

Deprived people are more in number in the society in count. Education, Industry and job are secondary issues for living while they are more inclined towards just living, maybe, barely any food or other primary constituents for survival. Thus, as my prolonged stagnant desire reproduce my activity I would love to help, rather uplift people from this strata towards a further fruitful life. Little love, affection, and encouragement may change their life-as they are mostly demoralized amidst this dominating society and cruel environment.

Stimulate a prosperous life for the deprived

My goal is to nurture the lives of these deprived beings. In three years I believe I would certainly able to start organizing things towards my goal.

Well! I was always excited to think about myself, creating an opening zone of my life towards this social acceptance of being a leader to stimulate a prosperous life for the deprived. In the next three years, I would like to be recognized as an expert in this zone. This enhancement towards my work will for sure provide me with a golden opportunity to do the same. I am truly excited to take up responsibilities in the coming few years. Besides I believe I will grow my potential to lead this project.

I Me Myself in 3 years
I Me Myself

Visualize and fulfill your Goals

So, three years from now, I would want to set realistic goals for myself. I will keep the same fire alive within and I will have answers to the Big Bang Question: I ME MYSELF. I am certain that the coming three years will be productive for me towards reaching my goal which may be applied for prosperity.

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One thought on “The Big Bang Question: I ME MYSELF in 3 years

  1. It’s really motivating to see genX so focused about what they want to do in their life… way to go

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