Top 5 EASY tips on blog writing: Catchy and compelling

Top 5 Easy Tips on Blog Writing

After writing over 50 blogs on various topics, I am sharing Top 5 EASY tips on blog writing. Sharing my experiences with the readers on what all should be the key elements in your blogs for making it easier to interpret and considered as a good read by the bloggers.

While I am still learning to write a good blog, here are my Top 5 EASY tips on blog writing.



  • Be Genuine to the Subject

Irrespective of the topic you, wish to write on, please ensure you have given 100% in writing. You will only it more interesting to read only you share your own experience. Try and understand what your readers are looking for in the blog.

  • Headlines to be Catchy and compelling

By writing a catchy and compelling Headline, you will increase the chances of your blog being read. Use bold statements to gain attention. Think of something which may attract the attention of your readers.

Remember the look and feel about we perceive things play a major role how we take the next steps. Sometimes we choose books only by its cover. The sight of a well decorated dish is assumed to be tasty well before it arrives on the table.

Starting a blog
Starting a blog
  • Formatting and Paragraph Size

One of the most important aspects in blog writing is to use the right format which is short and sweet. KISS (Keep It short and simple)

  1. Avoid lengthy Paragraphs. A paragraph should ideally be less than 120 words.
  2. Use Bullet Points: remember bullets are not long sentences. They are just like sub-headings.
  3. Avoid consecutive sentences starting with the same word.
  4. Not more than 25% of the sentences in your blog should have more 20 words and beyond
  5. Use Sub-heading so that readers can make an impression of what is in to read while scrolling thru the paragraphs
  • Related Images

Visual content is interpreted way faster than any other text content. Make it a point to use content related images in your blog. It creates relevance and also attracts user attention.

Captivating images will boost reader’s engagement. You may use free downloadable images from google. There are various other sites that offer relevant images.

  • Optimize for SEO

SEO ranking definitely helps your increase traffic in your blogs. Some on the key elements on SEO writing is listed below. SEO ranking maxims your reach.

Blog writing tips
Blog writing tips
  • Below are some of the tips that I follow:
  • Add proper Meta Title
  • Add proper Meta Description
  • Optimize for Focus Keyword
  • Use related keyword variation
  • Add image alt attribute
  • Interlink my content

Request Users to share and leave comments

Remember, why hesitate if you want your users to read and share your post to create reach. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of marketing your platforms. You don’t have to spend a penny for that.

Do leave a comment should you want me to improvise further of address your queries if any.I will be more than happy to share my experience with you. These are the key elements on the blog. Hope you liked my Top 5 EASY tips on Blogger writing.

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