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The Butt Station..#MahimToMatunga: STOP Pooping on railway tracks

#TheButt station

TheĀ Butt Railway Station..#MahimToMatunga

We are living in an Era, where we have seen tremendous improvement in both social and economic status of Countrymen. India, being the fastest growing economy takes pride of its people and political stability. The country takes democratic approach towards providing a superior experience to its Citizens.One such initiative which leads to a Countywide movement in the #swachhbharat movement. However, its theĀ Butt Railway Station..#MahimToMatunga that is one of the major contributers of poor experience. Lets explore why is it so…

Anti-littering pledge

Our Prime MinisterĀ Shri Narendra ModiĀ on 2ndĀ October 2014,Ā initiated the cleanliness drive at Mandir Marg Police Station making Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.Ā  A mass movement across the nation, the Prime Minister said people should neither litter nor let others litter.

As ā€œMumbaikerā€, we too filled with zeal and enthusiasm, participated in the #swachhbharat movement. Ā We took a pledge to ensure our surroundings are litter free and clean.

  • Over 6 Crores Toilets have been constructed across India.

In the last four years of the movement, over 6 Crores Toilets have been constructed across India.We also agree that YES, this has definitely made a lot of difference to the Lives of people across India especially Rural India.

TheĀ Butt Railway Station..#MahimToMatunga.

The Big Question here is when all this good work in happening across the Country, how #Mumbaikers, were left apart and that too in the heart of the city.

Let me now share with you the tragedy ofā€¦


As an experienced, versatile #MumbaiLocal train commuter, I have been traveling from #Borivali to #Prabhdevi Ā 5 days a week for over 3 years now.Ā  It is in the ‘Western line’ that we encounter the Butt station. It does not have a registered platform. Just in case, we choose to continue with this station then we may recommend #TheButt station to the concerned authorities for permanent train stoppage.

Within over 5 seconds of crossing Mahim Station, the wind jolts everyone in the compartment. The passengers either manage to cover their nose with a handkerchief or block the nostrils with Shirt sleeves. Some of us have even mastered the game of ā€œHold Your Breathā€.

I personally feel, there is a great business opportunity for perfume companies to come up with #PoopPerfume. The fragrance will help us escape the shit smell.

And you know Why Why???? Why????

The moment you peep out the train compartment, you will see at least 40 to 50 innocent citizens strategically placing themselves on the railway tracks and delivering their ā€œPoop.ā€ Yes, that right!!!!. For over 10 seconds you will get the fragrance of shit spreading all over the compartment. The reason I call it ā€œFragranceā€ instead of shitty smell because we have gotĀ usedĀ to it.Even if accidentally, your eyes land on the tracks, you will be welcomed with a diversified view of the Butts doing their morning rituals. Pooping on railway tracks in Mumbai seems to have become a common practice and we need to stand together to stop this.

The BIG Question!!!ā€¦ Is that the sight we want to see while going to work in the morning?

It is my humble request to all the concerned authorities, please STOP this.If the #airlines industry can be fined Rs.50,000 for dropping poop from up above the sky. So, I request the National Green Tribunal to look into the matter.Please understand, this station has become a breeding ground for pollution, various diseases.

Poop dropping from aircraft
Poop dropping from aircraft

We donā€™t want the Butt Station in the heart of the city.We donā€™t want the world to see this #DirtySideofIndia

Team #KyuQuality have taken a pledge to stop littering and guide people not to litter around and take pride in my clean India.We request the Mumbai Government, local bodies, Chief Ministerā€™s office to look into the same and help us keep our society clean. lets get rid of theĀ TheĀ Butt Railway Station..#MahimToMatunga

#MyCleanIndia #SaveMumbai #Poopingonrailwaytracks #KyuQuality #GharGharQuality

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