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Arvind Mariappan: Secrets to marathon success.. 64 Marathon,16 Bicycle-Marathon and 4 Triathlon

Arvind Mariappan, a Banker and Painter of Modern Era, with 64 Marathon,16 Bicycle-Marathon and 4 Triathlon under his belt. He helps others succeed in running, weight loss and sports performances (including marathons and triathlons) in Mumbai and across India. Here, he shares his secrets for marathon success to help you run your best marathon race.

Please join us as we learn more about Arvind’s secrets to marathon success.


Geared up

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you Fred Devito

When and why did you start running?

When you’re just starting out, running kind of sucks. It sucks enough to sincerely make you believe that there’s no way it could ever be enjoyable. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a total exercise enthusiast or a couch potato on a mission to get in shape: if you’re new to running, it’s probably going to beat you up a bit. It’ll take a little bit of time and effort before you start to feel like a regular, like a natural. Till now i have run 64 Marathon,16 Bicycle-Marathon and 4 Triathlon. I am dam sure this number will increase in future. I ran my first marathon at the School Charity run. Then I started running after completing 10th (SSC) and the journey continued. Arvind Mariappan: 64 Marathon,16 Bicycle-Marathon and 4 Triathlon is a legendary feet achieved.

Why i run Marathon by paying my money……..?

I thing you all aware about Cancer .Tata memorial hospital is the biggest cancer hospital in country situated at Parel area Mumbai. This is the trust hospital and all cancer patients are treated here with minimal of charges, It gives a new life to the patient. Every year there are 60,000 registration for the cancer patient from that 3000 born child are suffering from cancer. There is shortage of Cancer hospital is in India. People from all over country North, East, West, and south come to Tata memorial hospital seeking treatment. There are long queues of patients are waiting for treatment of cancer. The chemotherapy given to the cancer patient during treating kills healthy cells with cancer cells one of the components of blood is platelets. I to remain healthy and ensure that I can donate platelets till my last breath.

Victory Run
Victory Run

Smile to go miles

Till June 2019 I have donated my platelets around 64 x and I do blood donation every four month 22x. So I feel running is a activity which keep me fit and healthy and I can save life of number of people and I want to become reason to others smile.

Most Memorable Run so far as

The Himalayan Crossing is a non-stop 338-km long mountain ultra marathon that allows runners 70 hours to finish. While it’s strongly advised to have personal crew, this race – designed to test your skill and endurance – challenges runners at multiple levels with a consistent high elevation above 12000 ft, difficult terrain and ability to acclimatize.

How should one prepare for Running

Regardless of your running skills or experience, before attempting an ultra marathon, you must spend the necessary time training and conditioning. If you have been competing in full road marathons, you may have the strength required for running long distances. If you are participating in an ultra marathon that involves rugged terrain, high altitudes or extreme weather conditions, you should thoroughly research the area and description of the race before entering.

Personal safety and health

Most importantly, as many races are lengthy and extremely difficult, make sure to bring along necessary food and liquids in order to maintain strength and hydration. Winning or even placing in an ultra-marathon is not as important as your personal safety and health. Regardless of the outcome, you will have bragging rights for years.

Arvind Mariappan

According to my heart rate monitor, reaching the finish line cost me 5,000 calories. From the very beginning of the race, my muscles exhibited an unrelenting hunger for energy, and satisfying the demand meant eating 300-400 calories per hour—which became increasingly difficult as the race progressed. With my body’s blood supply channeled to the exercising muscles—and away from the gut—my digestive system began to shutdown at around the 60 mile mark. When this happens, the food you eat empties more slowly from the stomach. It sits and stews in the gut causing symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) distress—including stomach cramps, nausea, and sickness. These symptoms increase with race distance, and are an often cited reason for non-completion of a race.

You need to be careful when you start Running…

There’s also the risk of trips and falls, magnified by growing fatigue and sleep deprivation. My friend Caroline ran with me for 75 miles endured the worst of the physiological strain, only to take a tumble in the dark and crack her leg on a rock jutting from the ground, forcing her to retire.

Arvind Mariappan - Post run
Arvind Mariappan – Post run

I finished the race with a “sprint” along the final 100 meters. Within 30 minutes my legs had completely seized, and I was quickly reduced to the painful protracted shuffle that would be my norm for the next three to four days. It took close to a month before I felt “normal” again. Research has shown that most participants approach ultra-marathons as a means of personal accomplishment—despite its popularity as a competitive sport. For me, the physical and mental hardship was worth the trouble, and I feel proud and content with what I achieved. Of course, participation is not without its risks—but the greater the adversity the greater the reward. These were the secrets to marathon success.

Gear Up and run….. Sould you have queries, pls write in the comments part. You may also reach out to arvind on the below link.

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