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“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another & feeling with the heart of another” – by Alfred Adler

Hit Refresh,  a master piece by none other than a great Father, Mentor and off course the CEO of Microsoft  Mr. Satya Nadella. It’s intriguing and exciting to learn how satya, along with the team, works around to embrace social and cultural disruption.It is amazing to know that Satya is only the 3rd person to lead Microsoft.

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After a long time I came across a book which made me read it twice. Every element is neatly explained with live examples which makes you coming back for it again and again. Long the author.

Hit Refresh – Ourselves, our friends, family society, organisations, at some point needs to hit “refresh” to restart, rethink and revise our action/course of life.

My takeaways from the book which is a terrific study are:

  • Cultural Change
  • Behavioral Variation
  • Culture eats Strategy for breakfast- Peter Drucker
  • Culture Concepts and Capabilities
  • A combination of Empathy + shared Values are key elements to bring about any sustainable Cultural Change.

One of the best reads to understand how cultural changes are adopted across industry.

It is so overwhelming  to know how Mr. Nadella decided to launch Windows 10 in Kenya instead of Sydney theryby sending a strong cultural inclusive message.

“Sometimes that means working with old rivals and sometimes it means forging surprising new partnerships.” – Satya Nadella

Don’t forget to read my favorite chapter of the book which is about “Friends or Frenemies”. How Ballmer referred to Apple as the “fruit company”. Mr. Nadella pulls out an iPhone from his pocket and says “this one has Microsoft software and applications on it”. While walking the tight rope of collaboration, he has formed partnerships with his fiercest rivals – Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook. Way to go.

To summarize let me quote

Go for It !

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