The Great Indian festival: The Digital Gangsters

Amazon Puja Flipcart Puja

Are they stealing the memories of your childhood. Make a guess!!! Well before i jump into my conclusion, let me wish you all a happy the Great Indian Festival. Let us all pause for a moment and think about what comes to your mind when you here, “ The Great Indian Festival”. So lets celebrate the Amazon Puja and Flipcart Puja.

Childhood memories of Festival

eCom giants are the new festivals in India

For the younger generation, it is also a great way to understand the rick heritage of India.
However, the Great Indian Festival has turned into the digital festival sponsored and managed by the ecom giants like Whatsapp , Amazon, Flipcart and Paytm of the world. Thanks to their brands Marketing Teams who start their campaign way before the celebrations are around. As a result, we get glued to the new ever evolving GOD “ Mobile Phone”, who keeps us giving signals of whats going to be the best for you in  this season. You don’t have to apply your brains..just follow their instructions. Ops did i miss to thank the Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) team. Just click on a product, their algorithm will follow you like till the end of the world. Indeed we are into the world of Digital gangsters.

Soon we shall Have Amazon Puja, Flipcart Puja etc

Do you recall the last time you woke up early in the morning to collect flowers for Puja. Now we, just order online or pass on the Job. While its amazing to buy products online at discounted rates, it also comes at the cost childhood memories. We used to move from on shop to another bargainig and sometimes buying a product.
Are we lost in the Digital Festival ?
The e-commere giants offers plethora of discounts such as 50% off on mobile phones and keep us glued to our handsets. lets admits the offers are too tempting to let go. However, instead of clean the house during diwali, we are stuck in finding the best offers across the e-commerse giants. 

Let me ask you something, When was the last time you went out with family to see Ramleela? Let us celebrate the Great Indian Festival in its true means. Lets go out and see the idols all decked up and decorated. lets take the blessings of your family members. lets call up a childhood friend and meet up for diwali celebrations. 

Remember the choice is yours and not some Machine learning algorithm. Lets enjoy the Great Indian Festival in true spiral and keeps the Digita Gangsters away


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