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All India News and New Year Resolution.Where the KISS was planted !!!

TOI News

Seriously #timesofindia is this also news … Do we really have to go through this personosocial news. hehehe. Should this be an All India New. This new year, let us all intro-aspect on how and what do we want to represent. Take an oath this year that we shall only share quality content and only reading Quality content.
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Time for flashback.

So like many of us, every year, I also was thinking of what should be the new year resolution. The biggest quest has always been to set a Goal. Achieving the goal has never been a bigger challenge.

17 thousand Hours of a million people coming to know where the KISS was planted.
TOI News

Unfortunately, today i.e is 1st Jan 2020, both the ladies in my home couldn’t sleep. The 2 months old Big girl was the reason for the approximately 360 months old girl not being able to sleep. Was it just me or you too realized the importance of the word,’approximately’. One should never try to gauge the women age. Since me being the only savior, decided to go home early to wave the magic stick and put my ladies to sleep.

Meanwhile, I am still contemplating on what should be my new year resolution. It is then when my phone beeps and an alert message pop-ups. There was a Times of India news alert. And it was that news that helped me conclude on my new year resolution. Should i thank TOI for this enlightenment!!!

Back to All India News

So, the news says, one of the actor showers love on the other actor by panting a KISS.. Amazed with the level of accuracy coz the exact place where the kiss was planted is also captured. What surprises is that this news would have popped up on millions of mobile phones across India which about taking 17 thousand Hours of a million people coming to know where the KISS was planted.

Is this news, Do we really have to go through all this. Is this responsible journalism. May be i don’t know. Therefore, I leave it for the people and the News media houses to decide. What should be covered as NEWS !!!

However, for me my resolution is decided. Focus only on sharing and reading Quality content.

Wishing all a very happy new year 🎈
Godspeed !!!

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