Cooking is my hobby and i wish to cook like my grandfather!!!

Shrot Kanojia

Hey All, I am Shrot kanojia studying in Euro school a 9th Grader. Guess what just entered my teens !!! the exclamation because suddenly everyone has started saying,”you are a teenager now”, what are you going to do in life ? I love taking these questions with a Smile.Cooking is my hobby and i wish to cook like my grandfather.

Cooking for my friends and family

Herein i am sharing about by hobby of cooking. I love cooking and have great fun in cooking for my friends and family.I believe i have inherited the habit of cooking from my grandparents, especially from grandpa who believed in cooking food on his own. My parents say, he was an amazing cook. Everything he cooked was delicious. His hands were magical. Cooking is my hobby and i wish to cook like my grandfather.

Fried rice and Manchurian

One day , my hobby will be my career and will ensure that I take cooking to the next level of tastebuds of many foodies across the globe.
My mom says I need to concentrate on my basic studies and hence no cooking classes, whatever is available resources I need to use them for making the tasty  dishes. Cooking with limited resources is challenging however, i love challenges and try to make the best of out of what ever is available.

Mom is the Best Critic

She is damn strict with me cleaning the kitchen and also doesn’t think even once when she has to be a critic.I have been trying my hands on baking cakes, mousse, brownies in the pressure cooker as I don’t have a OTG. It has turned out to be soft yummy and tasty. Last time i tried Red velvet case but oopsss it burnt and the “Red cake turned into Black cake”. Homemade chocolates are another thing I love to make in different moulds.
With the spreading Corona virus, we are all locked down at home and praying that our nation and the world together find vaccine that can cure all. I decided to keep myself busy by making or rather trying a lot of new dishes.

Makhana Chikki, Rasmalai, Nankatais & Pasta

To build up my confidence, I thought of trying some Indian & Chinese dishes like Makhana Chikki for all the healthy people in the house, Rasmalai with no colouring or preservatives, Nankatais in a idli stand, kya kare mummy ka beta hoon na ‘jo hai usi se kaam chalao’, White sauce pasta, Veg Manchurian and fried rice, mum was busy playing cards as she had got holiday from making dinner. To highlight this when the entire social media was going a big GAGA about DALGONA cake i was just thinking.


Good Luck or bad luck i think i should be positive,my birthday was on 6th April. no friends no movie, no Outings, nothing to order from out … CAKE to chaiye … mum can’t bake so I decided to go one level up and baked a DALGONA Chocolate Creamy Coffee cake.


Trust me, it was too good. Remember my dad is a miser on sharing his compliments and my mom is a Critic so imagine. However, it was a different ball game this time. They both loved it and we enjoyed the birthday cake. My mum is a social human and she just loves posting my dishes on her Status /facebook or Insta and when she gets compliments she feels accomplished.
I would love to get compliments from her but my dad says “Its my mom citrics that helps me improve and also build confidence. Deep inside i know mom likes by dishes, i know her taste buds.I am blessed to have mom and dad who keep motivating me on trying new things.but not at the cost of my school studies.

Chocolate stall was a HIT at my mom office

White sauce pasta

Having a chocolate stall was a HIT at my mom office. I have heard people saying “Charity begins at home” My first earning of this sale was donated to a NGO by me.To summarise, I urge of the readers and my friends to make the best use of this time. Lets us all try new things and build our skills. If you want to know the recipes, you can write to me on

Do let me know ho you liked my first blog. Please share your comments below. This will help me improve. You can also connect with me on facebook– Shrot Kanojia

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14 thoughts on “Cooking is my hobby and i wish to cook like my grandfather!!!

  1. Wow, that’s such a well written blog. The dishes you described made my mouth water, so I can imagine how much fun your family is having enjoying these tasty dishes first hand. I’m sure you’ll be a great chef one day! All the very best and keep ‘em coming!

    1. Shrot though we must have met once..but trust me I always beleived your skills… Your parents are blessed to have such a great master cheff around.. we will meet soon & lets jointly explore few new recipes.. i am sure OTG is reaching this Diwali 🙂 …All the best & God Bless you buddy..

  2. Loved your post.. waiting to try your recipes Shrot.. the homemade panipuri or cake or manchurian etc.. loved them all. They look awesome and im sure they taste delicious. Your mom is equal to 10 critics but when she loves it, I’m sure it’s the best… God bless you dear

  3. Wow Shrot – we have never met but I have seen a lot of your cooking skills pictures. Keep up with the great talent you have. Your blog is amazing too!! I am tempted to come and try some of your awesome looking food. Good luck kiddo!!

  4. All the best Shrot…love your sincere and honest blog. Waiting for lock down to be come and taste your amazing dishes.

  5. Way to go, Shrot!

    The images of all your food itself is good enough to judge your cooking skills and trust me they look delicious ….I’m sure you will soon achieve your goals because of your positivity and the challenges you face while cooking. It definitely take you places….

    All the best kiddo!! God bless!!!

  6. Shrot, congratulations for your own blog. I always love to see the pics of your cooking efforts. Awesome! You are an inspiration in itself, to all the younger generation. You also remind me of Aman Agarwal the young chef , who started early , and has his own You Tube channel under the name “Cooking Shooking” I follow his recipes. They are easy to understand. I am waiting for that day, when I will be following you.All the best ,Shrot.

  7. Congrats Shrot….love to see all your yummy dishes!! N you have written so well… straight from the heart!!

    God bless and wishing you many more accolades and success!!

  8. Shrot, this is a great breakthrough sans your personality, who is mostly quite and obedient. You poured your heart out just as you pour into making yummy dishes. I wish you all the very best and may god bless you always.

  9. Congratulations dear Shrot and all the best Kiddo…..your passion scales all heights and you be on top of the charts…..looking forward to dining with Chef Shrot…..😍🤗😘🍩🍧🍝🍜🍱🥳❤️

  10. Congratulations dear Shrot and all the best Kiddo…..your passion scales all heights and you be on top of the charts…..looking forward to dining with Chef Shrot…..lots of luv…..God bless…😍🤗😘🍩🍧🍝🍜🍱🥳❤️

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