Are we producing Six Sigma Compliant Children!!!

Exam Results

CBSE announced its results today. A girl from Lucknow scored 100% marks.  Yes !!! Full marks in every subject including English literature. This reminds me of an old story I heard about Dr. Rajendra Prasad (India’s first president) . Once an examiner commented on his sheet that “ the examinee is better than the examiner” . Such was his intellect.Are we producing Six Sigma Compliant Children

I would like to think that these kids who score 100% falls in highly intellectual category but deep in my heart I know that these marks no longer reflect the level of intellect.

Our education system is no longer looking for intelligence

We do not have those examiners who could identify and acknowledge the intellect of their examine , nor are we left with those examines who could surprise their examiners to that extent (Because mathematically there is no surprise possible beyond 100%). Generation by generation, our education system has moved away from cultivating a culture of free minds which were allowed to think differently , ask the difficult questions, debate the existing practices and seek the unknown.  

Are we producing Six Sigma Compliant Children !!!

We want our Children to remember what they have been told , practice it so much that they eliminate the margin of error.  I don’t think there is a great deal of difference between the levels of intellect in those who score 90%and those who score 98%. It’s just that “98ters” have practiced more . I hate to say this, but we are producing a generation of ‘six-sigma compliant children’ who just cannot go wrong. Should we then expect them to innovate , do ideation, challenge the status quo ? Totally unfair on our part to keep such expectations.

No surprise possible beyond 100%

Thankfully the IITs and some other institutions of repute haven’t fallen into this trap, I am glad I don’t get to hear about an IITian who has scored 99.9% in his engineering or a doctor who scored a 100% in MBBS and I hope it remains like that.

Are we attempting to transform Kids into robots !!!

We are nation with with over a billion people and still we have a similar arrangement of tests for everybody.  Those numbers actually don’t test your insight or the amount you know. It has become more like an instruction framework that makes us look only towards the MARKS we score.It’s time we all pause, reflect and introspect as to what do we see in our Kids. A human or a robot At last i would like to leave you with the following thoughts 

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by It’s Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live It’s Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”

Note: The views expressed here are personal and do not represent anyone else. Sharma

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