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Welcome to KyuQuality.
We are thrilled you’re here—because we have so much to share with you.
KyuQuality is a platform where you will find very simple techniques picked up from our day to day life to elaborate the effectiveness and benefits of Quality in our lives.
With this blogging platform, we wish to bring to the notice of our global readers how complex Quality management tools and techniques can be simplified and learnt for life thru “Simplified Glo-cal adaptation” and bring about a cultural change across the society.
Through the blogs, we have tried to share how people/organizations have identified a problem, areas of improvement and opportunity, measured and analysed the gaps and  implemented an improvement solution which subsequently led to a consistent delight for all the recipient. 
We believe Quality is a Culture that flows like a river, like blood through our veins, enlightens and enriches with its touch…We may walk in different directions to achieve our purpose in life, however what remains common and can be tracked through generations is the Quality culture we adopt.
We are passionate about KyuQuality, and we truly believe that passion is relayed back to our readers through the innovative and exciting contents that we post.
Explore our site, and all that we have to offer; perhaps KyuQuality will ignite your own passions too.
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