Hit Refresh

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Hit refresh KyuQuality

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another & feeling with the heart of another” – by Alfred Adler Hit Refresh,  a master piece by none other than a great Father, Mentor and off course the CEO of Microsoft  Mr. Satya Nadella. It’s intriguing and exciting to learn how […]


Naya Bharat: Walks The Talk

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Naya Bharat KyuQuality

 A Special Occasion making difference in the lives of 1.25 billion Indians. Naya Bharat indeed walks the Talk.  Let us all celebrate the freedom, celebrate the independence. Happy Independence Day fellow Indians. Lets engage is a holistic Interdependence and collaboration with each other.   May this Independence Day fulfill your life with happiness and prosperity. Happy […]


5S क्या हैI What is 5S in Hindi. 5S Kya Hota Hai

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5S in Hindi

हर जगह के लिए एक जगह है ताकि जगह में सब कुछ हो!!! आइए समझते हैं, 5S क्या हैI 5S Kya Hota Hai What is 5S in Hindi यह ‘साकी टोयोदा और ‘बेटे किइचिरो – के साथ-साथ टोयोटा इंजीनियर ‘ताइची ओहनो – थे जिन्होंने 5S कार्यप्रणाली विकसित की थी या जिन्हें उन्होंने द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध के बाद टीपीएस […]


Arvind Mariappan: Secrets to marathon success.. 64 Marathon,16 Bicycle-Marathon and 4 Triathlon

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Arvind Mariappan, a Banker and Painter of Modern Era, with 64 Marathon,16 Bicycle-Marathon and 4 Triathlon under his belt. He helps others succeed in running, weight loss and sports performances (including marathons and triathlons) in Mumbai and across India. Here, he shares his secrets for marathon success to help you run your best marathon race. Please […]


The Butt Station..#MahimToMatunga: STOP Pooping on railway tracks

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#TheButt station

The Butt Railway Station..#MahimToMatunga We are living in an Era, where we have seen tremendous improvement in both social and economic status of Countrymen. India, being the fastest growing economy takes pride of its people and political stability. The country takes democratic approach towards providing a superior experience to its Citizens.One such initiative which leads to […]

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The Big Bang Question: I ME MYSELF in 3 years

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I Me Myself in 3 years

Eat, sleep, Work, Repeat-goes like a rave amidst our monotonous life. I as a notorious student is least confident to imply a strategic goal in my life. But certainly every individual needs, at a point of time, some commitment towards life. Hence ‘I’ emphasize to stand as a successful ‘me’ in the next three years […]


Motherland: We own each other

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Mother Land: We own each other

India my motherland: We own each other I got introduced to the word ‘motherland’ in my early childhood, well before production of its namesake British TV serial. This was at a time when land meant physical territory; and people were sincere about its association with concept of motherhood. As I grew, I pondered a lot […]