Ma in Ma Durga: Power to meaningfully care, love and protect

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Ma in Ma Durga

What does the word ‘Ma’ or ‘Mom’ inspire in your mind? I have so far accosted a huge number of friends across cultural groups and religions with this question. To find different flavors of replies which range over birth-giver, linguistic expression for a relationship, an endearing address. However, when I tried to dive deep into […]


This Summer…. Let your kids share their views thru an ‘Essay Competition’ on Topic Mother – The Universal Quality Guru

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mothers day

This Summer, Let your kids share their views thru an ‘Essay Competition’ on Topic Mother – The Universal Quality Guru They can choose from the following 4 categories 1. Mother Nature 2.Women Leaders 3. My Mother 4. Motherland – share nominations thru videos/ hard copy and also via email to Tips: highlight qualities and life […]

Banking and Finance

National Security: An Economic Affair

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National Economic Security

During the current election season ‘national security’ is a matter of great debate. The recent massive terror attack in Sri Lanka has also given a momentum to this debate. Some associate it with the nationalism, while others feel it as just another gimmick by the ruling party to garner votes. Some see it as purely […]

Painting Is An Art

Who is your ‘Dream Catcher’

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Who is your ‘Dream Catcher’ !!! One February  noon, I had been to a friends house for lunch. The host decided to go for Bengali delicacies  to which, i instantly agreed considering that i have a long drawn weakness towards everything thats Bengali.  Just after the super delicious  Lunch, we hogged on to some ‘limited’ scoop of Naturals ice-cream… It sis then when my […]


What is 996 work culture ?

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996 work culture

In the all-time favorite Quiet motion picture “Modern Times”, Year – 1936. The great Charlie Chaplin,  plays an assembly line laborer turning jolts at such a humorous yet highly distracted and unmatched pace. This maniac behaviour resulted to an anxiety breakdown. He was thrown out of the company. While the movie went down to the […]